Is Business Administration a good major

Is Business Administration a Good Major?

Business administration is one of the highly demanded majors, so yes, it is a good major. It creates an opportunity for one to have a variety of high-paying careers. It is important to understand the career implications before pursuing a career in Business administration.

Business Administration is an excellent choice of career, especially for people who have good problem solving skills and decision making skills.

What is a Business Administration Degree?

A Business Administration degree is a professional field that prepares one for career advancement in different work environments leading one’s future to a practical path. It encompasses courses like strategic planning, Business Management, Analytical skills, Critical Decision making, and entrepreneurial skills.

Students are to choose the area that best describes their career goals, apply for internships to have a better experience, and have the opportunity to meet other professionals in the field. One will have enough skills to face the competitive business world confidently at the end of the Bachelor’s degree.

Reasons why Business Administration is a Good Major

  • Demand

Businesses need skillful professionals with good business ideas who can handle any challenges, thus making the demand for business administration majors high and creating a high level of job opportunities with the fact that they can work in different organizations like healthcare management, business management, finance, accounting, marketing, etc.

  • Salary

Business administration majors earn higher salaries than most professions. Their salary depends on their level of education, experience, job title, location, etc. their average wage is about $76,570 annually.

  • Career Flexibility and Versatility

Business administration graduates have leadership, business development, decision-making, and analytical skills as fundamental skills that enable them to choose from different jobs. You can choose from various positions by obtaining these skills with your degree. It gives one important skill that makes you eligible for any occupation.

In addition, some jobs can be done remotely, like tax manager, sales manager, accountant, actuary, business development manager, and management consultants.

  • Networking Skills

Business Administration creates an opportunity to meet with different people like professors, recruiters, and like-minded peers with a common goal. One can even land jobs through this medium.

  • Real-Time Practical Skills

A Business Administration degree enables one to have practical skills like communication skills, teamwork, creativity, and the rest that will serve you in your business career and life.

Skills in Business Administration

Business administration programs provide one with job-giving skills alongside managing interpersonal skills.

Top skills associated with the Bachelor in business administration program:

  • Business analysis: It grooms one with knowledge on how to examine business health, identify problems and provide viable solutions.
  • Business technology: Business administration educates in using technology to handle business problems.
  • Data analysis: Teaches one great decision-making skills by organizing and analyzing information.
  • Competitor research: Aids one in identifying their competitors and providing solutions to make their business output better than their competitors.
  • Project management: This skill enables one to manage projects and yield better results

Interpersonal skills required in the business administration program

  • Interpersonal communication: One has to have great communication skills, which will aid in business by exchanging information and reaching out to customers and colleagues.
  • Presentation skills: One must be bold enough when putting out his idea and trying to convince others. These are a key skill that helps one advance to a better position.
  • Leadership and management: business administration program needs effective managers who can lead the employees without stress and work with everyone to promote organizational growth.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making: one should be able to identify and analyze problems and proffer solutions to aid in effective decision-making.
  • Teamwork: one should be a team player because one must work with different people to complete a particular task.

These are critical skills needed for the growth of any organization.

10 Careers in Business Administration

  • Market Research Analyst with an Average Salary of $63,120
  • Sales Manager with an Average Salary of $124,220
  • Management Analyst with an Average Salary of $83,610
  • Human Resources Specialist with an Average Salary of $60,880
  • Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager with an Average Salary of $132,620
  • Operations Research Analyst with an Average Salary of $83,390
  • Medical and Health Services Manager with an Average Salary of $99,730
  • Budget Analyst with an Average Salary of $76,220
  • Financial Analyst with an Average Salary of $85,660
  • Training and Development Specialists with an Average Salary of $60,870

Reasons why Business Administration is a good choice

  • It gives a chance to be flexible in choosing a career.
  • High chances of being in an executive role that oversees multiple departments.
  • It creates an avenue for being versatile in all areas of business.
  • Creates Avenue to have interest in various courses and your daily job responsibilities.


A business administration major helps prepare one to handle business effectively and professionally. Suppose you’re seeking to improve your expertise in a growing field faster than the national average, offering an above-average wage and an opportunity to grow professionally and advancement and growth. In that case, a business management major could be the perfect option for you.

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