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What is Bo Jackson’s Net Worth, Career Earnings, and Salary?
Bo Jackson is a retired professional baseball and American football player with a net worth of $25 million. He is said to be the most outstanding athlete in history and was one of the essential celebrity product endorsers.

Jackson first commenced his career on the baseball field in 1986 with an annual average salary of $60,000.
Bo continuously performed at the football field for three years until 1991.

He earned about $6.8 million and $6.1 million from his stint in the MLB while playing in the NFL. His primary source of income, however, was his endorsement deals with Nike, Gatorade, Pepsi, and AT&T. Nike ran an advertising campaign highlighting Bo’s talent in multiple sports called Bo Knows in 1989 and 1990.

Bo Jackson Net worth
Bo Jackson in a Game

Endorsements and Sponsors

Besides his career earnings, Bo Jackson earns a tremendous amount from brand endorsement and sponsorship deals. One of his largest endorsement deals is with Nike, and they have been on a long-term deal since 1986.

Nike Deal

Bo’s relationship with Nike was especially notable. The famous “Bo Knows” commercial series is known to be one of the most powerful advertising campaigns. When the commercials began airing in 1989, Nike generated around $40 million yearly from cross-trainer shoe sales.

According to Ad Age, within a year of the campaign’s launch, Nike had swallowed up 80% of the global cross-trainer market and generated $400 million in revenue annually.

As you can imagine, Nike was incredibly grateful to Bo for his efforts as an endorser, so to honor Bo, he dedicated one of the most significant buildings to an athlete who had a major impact on the company, and Bo Jackson was one of them.

Bo Jackson’s Sports and Wellness Center features an elite training facility, basketball court, two-lane indoor track, childcare facilities, and more.

Again, Nike never stopped paying Bo. Although Bo hasn’t played a professional sport in decades, he still earns at least $1 million annually from Nike.

Other Deals

He earned $1 million annually with Gatorade being one of his biggest sponsors. Jackson also countersigned Pepsi, AT&T, and Mountain Dew Sport.
Jackson was called the most potent athlete in advertising. He made $2 million annually from other endorsements.

Baseball Career

Jackson had been on track to play professional football since college. Using the first overall pick in 1986, he was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Draft. He refused to play for them because of an incident where he was forced to miss his senior college baseball season after visiting Buccaneers’ team facilities.

The Buccaneers had told him the visit was NCAA-approved, but it was not, and as a result, he was barred from college sports. He believes that the failure of the Buccaneers to obtain NCAA approval was a deliberate move by them to try to get him to play professional football instead of baseball.

Bo Jackson's Baseball Career

As a result, he refused to sign with them and chose to play professional baseball for the Kansas City Royals rather, who had drafted him in the 1986 amateur draft.

Jackson signed a three-year, $1.07 million contract with the Royals and played 53 games with their Class AA minor league affiliate, the Memphis Chicks. He was called to the majors in September 1986 and made the Royals’ roster in 1987.

After the Royals released him in 1991 due to his injury, during his last year in Kansas City Royals, Jackson earned $1,000,000, and later, he transferred to the Chicago White Sox. He earned $1,010,000 for the first year and earned $2,410,000 the following year, and an annual average salary of $330,000 in 1987.

He made $383,000 in 1988 and $610,000 in 1989. Jackson played for the California Angels, his last year on the baseball field, after which he earned $1,000,000 as a salary.

Bo Jackson’s Net Worth:
$25 Million
Quick Facts

Full Name Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson
Date of Birth November 30, 1962
Birth Place Bessemer, Alabama
Nick Name Bo, Boar, Wild boar
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Age 60 years old
Height 6’1″ (1.85 meters)
Weight 227 lb (103 kg)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Dark brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name A.D. Adams
Mother’s Name Florence Bond
Siblings Nine siblings
Education McAdory High School
Auburn University
Marital Status Married
Wife Linda Jackson (m. 1987)
Kids Two sons; Garrett Jackson and Nicholas Jackson
A daughter, Morgan Jackson
Profession Former baseball player
Former football player
Position  Running back (in NFL)
Outfielder / Designated hitter (in MLB)
Affiliations (NFL) Los Angeles Raiders
Affiliations (MLB) Kansas City Royals
Chicago White Sox
California Angels
Active Years 1987–1990 (NFL)
1986-1994 (MLB)
Net Worth  $25 million
Social Media  InstagramTwitter
Merch  JerseyBaseball CardSigned Merch 
Last Update January, 2023

Football Career

Los Angeles Raiders selected Jackson in the seventh round with the 183ed pick in the 1987 NFL Draft. At first, he was not interested and only wanted to focus on his baseball career. Jackson warmed up to playing in the NFL after he learned that the Raiders’ owner Al Davis was open to him playing both sports simultaneously.

He signed a five-year $7.4 million contract that allowed him to play every MLB season without making his debut with the Raiders, even if that meant he had to be absent from NFL games. In addition, Davis offered Jackson the most lucrative salary of any other non-quarterback athlete in NFL history, as well as an estimated $500,000 sign-on bonus.

Jackson was a four-year player in the NFL in which he ran for 2782 yards and 16 touchdowns with average yards per run of 5.4. Jackson also caught forty passes, resulting in 352 yards, and scored two touchdowns.
In his final professional football match in January of 1991, the player had a hip dislocated after an incident.

The result was a necrosis of the hip joint, and eventually, he’d have a replacement of his leg. The accident led to the play ” Royals being forced to remove his team, and he would battle the injury until his eventual retirement in 1994.

Other Work

Jackson has been featured in several video games, including;
Tecmo Bowl, Bo Jackson’s Hit and Run” for the Game Boy, “Bo Jackson Baseball” for IBM-compatible computers, “ESPN NFL Football,” “NFL Street 2”, “Madden 15,” and “Madden 16″.

He has also made some television appearances. He was a part of”ProStars,” the NBC”ProStars,” the Saturday matinee cartoon series “ProStars,” played a role in the role of Calvin Farquhar on the series “Married with Children”, was part of an episode in the exhibit “Lois & Clark. The New Adventures of Superman,” in the attack “Diagnosis Murder” of the TV show “Diagnosis Murder,” and as an actor in the year 1990 for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

In addition to his role in the sport of running, Bo Jackson is also an acclaimed restaurant owner. He started Bo Jackson signature Foods and worked along with Jensen Meat to create “Bo Jackson’s” Bo’s Burgers with Jensen.
Bo Jackson owns a youth sports training facility in Illinois, Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. This facility is renowned as one of the country’s leading indoor sports training centers.

Bo Jackson is part of the RDE’s Restaurant Advisory Board. He also runs the Jackson & Partners Restaurant Group.
He is responsible for Menu LTO Concept Development, Brand Development, Supply Chain Management, and Ingredient Sourcing. Consumer Repositioning and Restaurant-Specific Marketing.

Similarly to that, Jackson is also a considerable bank investor. In the same vein, Jackson also joined the board at Burr Ridge Bank and Trust. In the following years, he was also featured as one of the board members of First Community Financial Bank.

Biography of Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson, who was born on November 30, 1962, is the eighth child of his parents. He has nine other siblings.

Additionally, he was notorious for his constant trouble from the beginning and, as a result, was dubbed “wild boar hog. “wild boar hog.”

Throughout his professional career, Jackson was awarded numerous awards.

The CHIKARA professional wrestling tag team has come up with the finishing move, “Bo Jackson.” In addition to his professional career, Jackson has a family.

Jackson got married to Linda, who was a rehabilitation counselor. Together they had three kids: one son, Garrett, and Nicholas, and a daughter Morgan.

Bo Jackson’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s calculate Bo Jackson’s Net Worth through various currencies around the world.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €21 Million
Pound Sterling £18 Million
Australian Dollar A$34 Million
Canadian Dollar C$31 Million
Indian Rupee ₹1,856,185,000
BitCoin ฿527
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