Chamillionaire Net Worth – Everything you Need to Know!

What is Chamillionaire Net Worth? Chamillionaire is an American artist, rapper, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $ 50 million. Besides his impressive music career, Chamillionaire has also earned a large portion of his wealth from his investment ventures in various ways and his position as the CEO of the entertainment company Chamillitary Entertainment.

Early Life

Hakeem Seriki, better known under the stage name Chamillionaire, was born in Washington, DC. On the 28th of November 1979. The family relocated to Houston, Texas, when the boy was three years old. He was a student at Jersey Village High School, where he became attracted to hip-hop. He is the younger brother of Rasaq Seriki, who is also a rapper.


Chamillionaire Net Worth – Everything you Need to Know!

Music Career

“Chamillionaire” is the stage title “Chamillionaire” is a portmanteau of the terms “chameleon” and “millionaire.” Seriki and his friend and fellow rapper Paul Wall were promoting at an event when they ran into Michael “5000” Watts, an acclaimed mixtape DJ active in the Houston region. They offered to market Watt’s company Swishahouse. They convinced Watts to allow them to perform during the introduction to his radio show on the Houston hip-hop radio station KBXX-FM.


Watt released their freestyle on some of his mixtapes, and soon, they became regulars on the Houston hip-hop and mixtape scenes. Seriki Wall and Wall formed The Color changing Click. They also collaborated to record “Get Ya Mind Correct” (2002) which sold more than 150,000 copies. The Source Magazine nominated it for independent album of the year 2002. The band began to gain recognition for themselves, with Color Changin’ Click playing at the SXSW music festival in 2004.


Seriki released his debut solo album, “The Sound of Revenge,” in 2005 through Chamilitary Entertainment and Universal Records. The album was released and peaked at the top of the charts at No. Ten on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States was eventually certified platinum by RIAA. The album also featured the smash track “Ridin’,” which was ranked No. 1 . on the Billboard Hot 100 and won him the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Group or Duo.


“Ultimate Victory” (2007) was the second studio album by Seriki featuring guests like UGK, Lil Wayne, Devin the Dude, and Lloyd. Seriki planned to release another album, “Venom,” initially scheduled to release in 2011. However, he ultimately canceled the project after his split from Universal Records. He released his EP titled “Ammunition” in March 2012 and was scheduled to release his third album “Poison” in 2013. As of February 2020, the album is still unreleased.


Alongside Seriki’s studio albums, his diverse mixtape projects have proven highly profitable. In 2004, Seriki published “The Mixtape Messiah,” which contained 61 tracks across 3 CDs. It’s the longest-running and most popular mixtape released in Texas history. This was also his first release in the later part of his more well-known and anticipated projects that would become

The Mixtape Messiah series. The mixtape series featured seven mixtapes, with additional releases in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Seriki launched a mixtape series called “Major Pain” in 2009. The first release was in February 2010. The sequel “Major Pain” installment in April 2011, which was followed by his mixtapes “Badazz Freemixes,” “Badazz Freemixes 2,” and “Badazz Slowmixes.”


Chamillionaire Net Worth

Business and Investments

The year was 2004, and he established Chamillitary Entertainment, his record label. He is recognized as an artist along with Lil Ken and Troy Henry. The artists who have previously worked with him include Yung Ro 50/50 Twin and Seriki’s younger brother Rasaq. Between mixtapes, albums, and mixtapes, the label has more than 20 releases. Chamillitary Entertainment was formerly distributed by Universal Records but has been independent since Seriki left Universal Records in January 2011.

In 2003, Seriki made a bet on a Houston-based automobile dealer called Fly Rydes. Fly Rydes specializes in customizing vehicles, which he noted is exceptionally well-liked in Texas. Seriki was also the founder of the modeling business Masterpiece Mind Frame. Together with Quincy Jones III, Seriki created The Global Innovation Tournament as part of the Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar Series in 2009.

In 2009, Seriki also made a bet on Maker Studios, an online video talent platform that Disney eventually bought for $500 million. The initial investment by Seriki into Maker Studios was $1.5 million, and the dealer’s profit was more than $20 million. He also allied with Maker Studios founder Mark Suster, a managing partner of the venture capital firm Upfront Ventures, which helped Seriki be appointed the entrepreneur-in-residence for the company in 2015. He’s since deviated somewhat from the world of music and has shifted his focus to his business ventures.

Other ventures of Seriki’s include an investment in self-driving automated technology firm Cruise Automation in 2013, a hugely successful investment since it sold to General Motors for over $1 billion in 2016. In May 2019, he and rapper E-40 announced they would invest $25,000 in a company created and managed by a woman or someone of color. In September, they invested in the company that makes shoe Atoms that sells footwear in sizes that are quarter-sized.

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