Is Marine Transportation a Good Career Path? YES!!!, marine transportation is an excellent career option. For people who enjoy traveling and spending time near water, it could be the ideal career field to pursue.

What are you thinking of when you hear marine transportation and the word “marine transportation”? Are you thinking of a ferry transporting vehicles and passengers or large ships traveling across the ocean, transporting goods consumers bought online? In either case, you’re right. Marine transportation refers to the movement of people or goods over waterways.

If you’re thinking about an occupation in marine transportation and the life on the water is appealing to you, then you’re in the right place. It’s a lucrative career option, and it’s increasing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is higher than the average, which means it’s an attractive career option.

If you think it’s possible that working with marine vehicles may be the perfect career for your way, this list of job openings could provide you with more insight into how you can start and which jobs have the highest wages.


Many jobs in marine transport require only a high-school diploma or GED. Sometimes, they’re not even required when you’ve got prior experience in the water and the desire to make some effort.

Another benefit of this field of work is the variety. It’s possible to be in this field and never step onto an ocean vessel. There’s more to learn about than you think. These entry-level jobs will help you get your first steps in shipping.


Average Annual Salary: $40,000

A deckhand is a member of the deck staff and is accountable for maintaining the ship. They will not have to work on the engines or any other mechanical systems, but the overall appearance and maintenance of the vessel is their task. There’s no need for additional training. However, you’ll have to be a hard and dependable worker.

Warehouse/Shipping Crew

Average Annual Salary: N/A

Suppose maritime transportation involves the transportation of goods. In that case, a lot of people are involved in getting these items onto the correct ships and then unloading them when they arrive at their destination. It’s a hard job, but it’s an entry-level job.

Food Service worker

Average Annual Salary: $26,000

There are, in fact, restaurants on vessels. People usually dine in a limited number of places since most of the crew eat together. However, some are in charge of making meals, serving food, and cleaning dishes.


Average Annual Salary: $48,000

If the vessel is transporting products, this position may not be offered, but in the case of a vessel transporting people, it is. A major part of maritime transportation is the movement of people. And when you’re moving people, you’ll need to ensure they are safe and have a pleasant journey. In the end, you’ll wish they came back at some point.

Stewards and flight attendants is a basic job that requires a strong character and the ability to grasp all the aspects of the vessel quickly.


Average Annual Salary: $31,000

This is the easiest to obtain and complete, but it’s nonetheless important. The Wiper belongs to engines and is accountable for keeping the machinery neat and secure. It’s a janitor or cleaner job, so almost anyone can do it.


Average Annual Salary: $51,000

A motorman’s career begins working in the engine rooms. They’re the master of all trades on this part of the ship. They assist with to clean, supervising processes, working on repairs, and testing the systems.

This is the initial step to becoming Chief Engineer. It’s also time for future engineers to know everything they can about their ship and how it operates.

Data Entry

Average Annual Salary: N/A

Every company involved in shipping goods has an office, and a lot of people work on data entry. They’re not involved in the shipping aspects of their job. The merchandise is where they’re at.

People who handle data entry could be responsible for the bill of lading which is used as a receipt for the items. They’ll have a lot of items to track and ensure that the things are delivered to their destination.

Ship Fitter

Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Ship fitters are accountable for the structural elements of ships. Their primary responsibility is to repair the structural parts of the ship; however, when this isn’t on their priorities list, they could also be found cleaning or performing odd tasks. This is a low-level job, and some fitters get qualifications to earn more and move into positions with more responsibility.


Average Annual Salary: $46,000

Sometimes, they are referred to as greasers. Their primary task is to ensure that all the parts moving in the machine get properly greased and move freely. There are other duties related to the process that are related to the performance of the machinery.

Sometimes, oilers are also tasked to work on plumbing, air conditioning, lighting, and various other miscellaneous jobs.

Logistics Coordinator

Average Annual Salary: $40,000

It is possible to start the job as an entry-level worker, but you’ll likely be working with a more senior logistics coordinator at this moment. The job will involve coordination between the manufacturing and sales teams to ensure that distribution is on timetables. You’ll need to be up to date with receiving and shipping and any delays in the routing.

Among those positions, sailing on a ship isn’t an integral part of your day-to-day life. It is sometimes possible to visit the docks, but it’s not necessary to have sea legs.


If you’re searching for a fast-paced occupation that demands a sharp mind and physical stamina, you’ll likely find yourself working in the field of marine transportation. Anyone passionate about the ocean will find themselves in this job. However, other opportunities in this area don’t require experience on a vessel.

  • Security of employment. With so many items being shipped overseas, demand for those working in the marine transportation industry is rising. This is good news since you won’t have to be concerned about getting work or paying; whatever you do, you will be rewarded.
  • Opportunities for advancement. Moving up in the field of marine transportation is feasible. The sailing profession has been a pathway for individuals for thousands of years. They’ve been able to climb upwards without any additional education and years of studying. The established hierarchy could help you.
  • You’re in the Sea. If you want to work in the water and can’t imagine living in a world without water, you’ll be able to feel the attraction of the ocean. It’s something that people love from birth and would be content to do whatever they want as long as they’re in the water.
  • It pays decent. Because there’s a high risk of being in danger when working in the marine sector, There’s also a higher wage. From entry-level jobs to the highest-paid positions within the business, your payment will usually be more than those who do the same work in another field.


  • The positive side is that many jobs in marine transportation do not require a degree. However, you might discover that certain certificates be required when you advance within your profession. A handful of the most lucrative jobs require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.
    1. Schooling as well as GED. Even getting your foot on the ladder may require some knowledge but not much. If you are willing to do the work and can work hard, then a high school degree or GED is enough.
    2. Technical or trade school diplomas. It depends on the field you’re interested in and pursuing in marine transportation. However, having a trade or technical school degree in this area will help you get ahead professionally.
    3. Master’s degree in Marine Science. All schools do not offer this degree. However, you can get a degree across the United States at different colleges and universities. It will give you an advantage over other applicants and important experience trying to make a breakthrough within this field.
    4. TDML certificate. Transportation, distribution, and maritime logistics certification is an excellent method to get into the area and climb the ladder of success. The certificate shows that you understand the responsibilities in shipping and distribution, how each sector operates, and the best way to manage the supply chain. The job you’re interested in may require this diploma.
    5. TWIC and MMC Certificates. More certificates could boost your achievement. TWIC or MMC Certificates. TWIC refers to one of the Transportation Worker Identification Credentials issued by the Transportation Security Administration. The MMC is issued by the U.S. Coast Guard and refers to Merchant Mariner Credential.
    6. On-the-job-training. Learning the skills, you require in the workplace will play a significant role in your professional career. Even if you’ve got degrees or been employed by an entirely different company in the maritime industry, Each company has its own rules and strict rules for the performance of employees that guarantee your safety as well as that of all the others in the group


Yes, working in the marine transport sector can be a fantastic career choice. If you love being on the water and have always wanted to live aboard a vessel, this might be the perfect job. There are various methods of gaining entry to this industry, and once you’ve done that, you can advance until you have the right job. Most.

This could be the right field if you’re not keen on working in the water. Every ship on the water has a crew working on the land with logistics marketing, sales, and logistics. It’s a huge field, and there’s a job that anyone can do.

In the end, Marine transportation is an excellent career choice since it addresses the top priorities of many people. It is a stable and lucrative job, pays well, and has growth potential. It’s a sector that could provide you with the opportunity to earn a living from the day you begin working until the day when you’re retired.

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