High Paying Jobs In Canada

Overview: High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

If you’re bored of the status quo and want an opportunity to earn more money without having to spend four years at the university level, this article is ideal for you. According to us, investing in a certificate or trade course is worthwhile to be an electrician, plumber (or diesel mechanic). The vocational and trades programs require less time to complete, leading to higher salaries in the long run.

Three years of work-based training is required before tradespeople are considered to be fully trained and able to be able to work independently. That means they’ll earn more than the minimum wage in a year, whereas the graduates of universities will remain trapped at the lowest point of the pay scale after four years of studying.

High Paying Jobs In Canada Without Need For University Degree

Here are a few that are among the highest-paying careers for tradespeople that you could find without a university degree:

1. Decorating and painting Painting and decorating: $21,110 per year

Decorating, Painting and hanging paper are among the most sought-after occupations in Canada. For a career as a painter or decorator, you must be a part of an apprenticeship program and then receive the Certificate of Completion at the Ontario College of Trades. In many areas across the country, skilled professionals are highly sought-after. The fact that the job can be performed without qualifications or certificates makes it more appealing as competition is low.

2. Repairs to vehicles: $31,990 per year

You don’t require an academic degree to repair cars, but you’ll need to become certified by a mechanic’s training program instead (most garages will hire experienced technicians who are qualified). Once you’ve been trained, you’ll be able to work at garages, repair in your client’s homes or even open your repair shop for automobiles.

3. Heavy equipment and construction The average annual cost is $38,110.

Another industry that has a high demand for skilled workers. You can join numerous certification programs to learn to operate various heavy equipment and pass the required certification tests at the conclusion. The financial benefits of this type of work are pretty high, especially if you get employment with a reputable construction firm.

4. The cost for Diesel mechanics is $43,110 per year.

For a career as a diesel mechanic, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the latest automotive technology and vast hands-on experience with fixing your clients’ vehicles. When you’re done with the day, you’ll be required to pass a written exam, an oral test, and practical tests, such as an inspection of 190 points and a signature-off. Getting this job is a minimum of 2 years of on-the-job training.

5. Plumbing: $47,510 per year

There are a variety of certification programs that can train you in commercial and residential plumbing. They will then teach you the required skills to repair leaks, install appliances and fixtures, and set up showers, baths, or other plumbing work.

Additionally, you’ll need to pass an examination once you’ve received your diploma. This is yet another very profitable job for those without an education or experience in the field because the competition is relatively low.

6. Electrician: $51,410 per year

Like plumbers, electricians also need to be able to complete the apprenticeship process and then pass an examination to be certified. The good thing is that electricians are highly sought-after; you can find employment without spending a lot of time studying beforehand. This is also a job that could make you highly wealthy because those with the right skills can often establish their own company after a couple of years of work experience.

7. Heavy-duty mechanic for equipment: $52,960 per year

If you’re a skilled auto mechanic with the ability to use heavy equipment like cranes and tractors, it could be the right choice. If you know the ropes and have experience in this field, you can begin your own business quickly. If a large construction company requires a new tractor or crane, the chances are that they’ll approach a seasoned entrepreneurial entrepreneur rather than soliciting offers from various firms.

8. Professional truck drivers: $55,410 per year

One of the most effective methods to earn a lot of money without going to college is becoming an experienced truck driver. In Canada, it is possible to become a commercial truck driver after just one or two years of experience in Class I or Class III (depending on the region in which you live). That means your earnings will be $55.41 per hour before taxes, and you have the opportunity to purchase the house you’ve always wanted!

9. Operator for a crane: $60,480 annually

If you can operate cranes and would like to become a professional crane operator after you’ve earned your certificate and can demonstrate it, this could be an excellent job. In reality, the average wage of crane workers working in Canada is $68,264 annually.

10. Service technicians at gas stations Annual salary of $61,120

In a few states in the U.S., there are gas stations that pay more than $75,000 per year to service techs accredited with the American Gas Association (AGA). Only an entire year’s worth of work experience and education (that’s not counting on any on-the-job work experience) to be certified.

If you do not have any educational background, the chances are that a more experienced person will be hired ahead of you since they are accredited through the AGA.

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