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Many school boarding houses offer dance programs that range from pre-professional classes to dance extracurricular courses, which combine strong academics in these programs. As a result, dance boarding schools can help students develop, develop and be successful at the top universities, colleges, and art colleges.

Students may dream of becoming professional dancers or exploring their interests for fun. Parents and children can locate schools offering ballet programs, jazz, classical and modern with the levels of training and participation that they want.

The right dance boarding school can assist dancers in finding the right program that will meet their expectations and give them the proper level of education. We’ve identified the best dance boarding schools across the USA in this article.

What Is A Dance Boarding School?

A dance border school offers dance-related programs that range from pre-professional dance training to additional dance programs that combine strong academics in these classes.

Students are taught a broad understanding of dance as art in dance board schools or are trained professionally in certain dance genres.

What Are Dance Boarding Schools?

Dance schools boarding is more similar to regular boarding schools; however, they offer dance classes such as ballet, classical, jazz, and modern to the dance instruction and participation they want.

Students receive exceptional pre-professional dance instruction from well-known teachers who teach daily classes in ballet and contemporary dance. This is why the dance program is designed to equip students with the artistic and technical ability to make it into the world of professional dance.

Students participate in various activities and organizations, such as student government, community service, and special interest clubs.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Dancing?

Dance schools for boarding in the USA provide pupils of every age with the various techniques that form part of this great art form. In addition, school dance classes at boarding schools can be a fantastic method to introduce students to different dance styles across the globe.

Dance can help high school students improve their fitness, core strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness. The dance programs offered at schools for boarding students have been created following many years of experience.

The dance classes offered by Boarding schools in the USA provide students with the chance to take part in spectacles, performances, concerts, and other performances. Dance schools typically incorporate this aspect and other performing arts, such as acting, singing, and dancing.

Dance-related activities are enjoyable and offer educational opportunities at the same. Students at dance schools in the USA improve their improvisational skills and acquire broad experience in choreography.

Top 10 Dance Boarding Schools In The USA?

Many dance schools are boarding in the USA. However, we have listed the USA’s best dance school boarding institutions.

We gathered our information from reliable sources, such as testimonials, interviews, and directly contacting the schools. Before you decide on selecting a school, be sure to take the time to read all the information about the school. The factors that rank schools above will help you.

  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • Westover School
  • The Master’s School
  • Brentwood College School
  • Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Asheville School
  • Concord Academy
  • Dublin School
  • Cheshire Academy

1. Idyllwild Arts Academy

Tuition: $52,200

Idyllwild Arts Academy offers both college-preparatory and pre-professional art education. Established in 1946 and on the western slopes of California’s San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild allows students to concentrate solely on their craft as they receive an outstanding college-level introductory academic program.

The dance department presents two major stage productions of dance and studio productions throughout the year, including choreography by students. The admission process to Idyllwild is through auditions and can be made in person, via the nationwide Audition Tour, or by uploading a DVD or video.

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2. Westover School

Tuition: $54,400

Westover School is an all-girls school for girls who attend boarding schools situated in Middlebury, Connecticut, features one of the best dancing programs in secondary schools.

Three dance studios are available for students of all levels to dance hip-hop, ballet, modern, and jazz as a member of Westover’s all-year-round audition-based group.

Westover students can audition to be members of the Brass City Ballet’s Performing Company and have the possibility of performing in major productions like The Nutcracker and Spring Gala.

With an array of student-run on-campus and off-campus events, girls can have fun in a safe and fun atmosphere.

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3. The Masters School

Tuition: $62,500

At The Master’s School, students take part in a class that helps them develop skills and knowledge to discover their unique voices.

Its proximity close to New York City provides city-based learning opportunities, and its drama, music, visual arts, dance classes have been among the most popular activities.

Students are trained every day in professional dance studios and receive intensive training with guest artists of professional caliber from world-class dance companies and Broadway productions.

Students studying the arts typically learn within New York City conservatories and art studios on the weekend. In addition, they can audition for the Master’s Dance Company.

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4. Brentwood College School

Tuition: $52,800

Brentwood College School is the name of a Canadian co-educational university-preparatory school that was established in 1923. A boarding school designed with a modern and collegiate style. Brentwood’s philosophy of education is rooted in the growth of students academically, artistically, and athletically.

The Brentwood dance program provides dance instruction and choreography at the junior dance level, advanced dance, advanced and intermediate levels.

The atmosphere at Brentwood is centered upon the foundation of the local community. The majority of students reside on campus; most of the student life revolves around the residential program and student clubs and events.

5. Visit SchoolWalnut Hill School

Tuition: $66,390

Walnut Hill offers a ballet program that is a pre-professional training program that aims to build strength and flexibility using an entirely classical approach. With five large studios and have carpeted floors, dancers have the liberty and flexibility to explore their individuality and adjust to the diverse collection of dance troupes.

Student life can also provide opportunities to strike a balance between the demands of a day of art and academic and campus activities and extracurricular and campus activities.

Students are involved in various organizations and activities, such as volunteer work, student government, and special interest groups. Walnut Hill dance students build the technical and physical strength to progress towards creative growth.

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6. University of North Carolina School: 

The school is located in Winston-Salem, NC; the University of North Carolina School offers both college and high school programs. The University of North Carolina School of the Arts gives dancers to specialize in classical ballet beginning in the 9th grade or contemporary dance starting in the 11th grade.

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7. Asheville School

Tuition: $57,650

Asheville School is one of America’s most prestigious boarding schools, with an average enrollment of 220 students in the 9-12 grades. The school is a deliberately small, intimate community.

They provide choreography and dance classes for juniors experienced at the dance level and advanced and intermediate levels.

Students in Asheville learn to think and speak clearly. They also attend the top universities. But, most importantly, they will go on to lead lives and provide serving.

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8. Concord Academy

Tuition: $65,850

The uniqueness, diversity, and quality of Concord Academy’s faculty and students make Concord Academy an extraordinary location to learn and live.

The atmosphere at this day and boarding school is a lot of fun and curious The students are enthusiastic and engaged. Students are involved in various athletic, artistic, and extracurricular activities, including dance classes.

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9. Dublin School

Tuition: $$62,232

If prospective students come to Dublin School, they are provided with a Moleskine notebook to remind them of the work being done to make Dublin an environment where every student can create their narrative with no pressure of conforming to a mold or living up to others’ expectations.

They provide choreography and dance classes for juniors who are experienced at the dance level and advanced or intermediate.

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10. Cheshire Academy

Tuition: $63,600

The school was established in 1794. Cheshire Academy is a boarding and day school for grades 9-12. The campus, which is 104 acres in size, is situated in Cheshire’s idyllic yet city center.

With 344 students spread across 19 states and 31 nations, and 31 countries, the Academy offers a flexible and customized approach, which allows students to participate in an array of academic and extracurricular activities tailored to their requirements, strengths, and preferences.

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The right dance boarding schools will assist students in finding a program that can meet their needs and offers the right degree of training and support, and facilities.

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