Almeda University

Almeda University is a Pakistani-owned online American university located in Boise, Idaho.
It offers degrees in Religion and life experiences and business administration and the arts, All of which are completed on the internet.

Introduction: Almeda University Overview

Almeda University was discovered in 1997 as a distance-learning program.

In the years 2001 through 2016, the school offered undergraduate degrees and master’s and doctoral degrees based on “life experience.”

Degrees were awarded upon payment and included an assessment of life experiences based on the candidate’s words.

In addition, in addition to its degree programs, Almeda University also offers a variety of courses that are not credit-based. Training courses designed to help professionals develop.

Based on Bear Guide, Almeda has no physical address and is a “web only” institution. In 2012 Almeda University only had an address for mailing located in Boise, Idaho.

However, the school has an impressive acceptance rate that lets students from all walks of life receive an education.

We’ve conducted extensive research on the “web only” university, and in this piece, we’ll share what we learned about the university.

Additionally, we will look at admission procedures, acceptance rate tuition costs, as well as aids that are available to students.

Meanwhile. Below are the tables of contents for a quick overview of this article.

Why Almeda University?

Almeda is an online university offering degrees in the fields of Arts, Social sciences, religion, and Life Experiences.

The school was established in 1997 to provide a distance education program. It has its campus in Boise, Idaho.

As a “web only” university, Almeda does not have a physical campus.

The school is one of the few institutions that provide graduate studies online in Computer science and other courses that are regarded as reputable.

However, they do not offer programs that deal with Law as well, Medicine as well as surgery, and this is reasonable considering that they are an institution that is a “web only” institution.

Almeda University Offers associate, master’s, bachelor, and doctoral degrees using “Prior Learning Assessments,” which assesses a student’s life experiences.

The most often cited advantages of studying at Almeda University are “Flexible class hours” and “Good teachers.”

Respondents also cited “Affordable” and “Positive environment” as significant benefits.

Almeda University has been reviewed eight times and received an average score of 3.38 out of 5.

University Ranking

At the date of this article’s writing as of the date of writing, the college was not listed in any of the published rankings of online colleges and universities.

Thus, the rank position of the institution is not available.

Almeda University Accreditation

The University is an officially registered company on Nevis, a Caribbean Island of Nevis.

Furthermore, the school is accredited by the following criteria:

  • The Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEx):
  • Interfaith Education Ministries and the;
  • The Council of Distance Education Association

Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEx):

The Association for Online Academic Excellence is an independent, professional accrediting organization that provides employers with the ability to access acceptable college degrees obtained by nontraditional methods.

The institutions and colleges accredited through AOAEx are determined to create qualified degree students who are in line with or better than those at traditional accredited universities.

Interfaith Education Ministries:

Interfaith Ministry Accreditation (IMA) offers certificates that measure and evaluate professional and academic credentials and practices of nontraditional, traditional religious, distance, and online education programs.

IMA was founded in 1978 and is registered on the UNESCO Higher Education Institutions Registry (HEIR) in the United States of America.

Council For Distance Education Association

ICDE can be described as a worldwide association with a rich history of providing affordable, inclusive, and quality education.

As the largest group of leaders in the area of Flexible, and Distance Learning at all levels, ICDE supports and enables its members to reach their goals through:

#1. (a) empowering them to constantly enhance, develop and remain relevant locally by establishing relationships, working in learning, and promoting OFDL at the national, regional, and international levels.

#2. (b) leveraging their collective expertise and leadership in thought to influence, Inform and influence policies and the decisions taken by regional and global actors in support of OFDL. 

(c) enabling them to take part in and be part of the national, regional, and global initiatives to the direction of OFDL. OFDL.

But none of these organizations was recognized in any way by The United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

It’s said on the Almeda University official  website that the accreditation sources it uses weren’t acknowledged as such by The U.S Department of Education.

Additionally, most states within the Southern part of the country have publicly stated that Almeda school’s certifications are not accepted in their state. A few of these states are Texas as well as Connecticut.

So, if you happen to be seeking an online-based college to begin or finish your education, be aware of schools whose accreditation isn’t recognized by the state you live.

Almeda University Address

The school doesn’t have a physical address. However, they have a postal address of 19010 W University Boise Idaho 837251 USA.

Almeda University Acceptance Rate

As with most online schools, this school has a high rate of acceptance, which is close to 100 percent.
It might be due to the reason that this institution is a “web only” institution.
Additionally, it could be because the school offers a limited outline of courses.
However, with such high acceptance rates, applicants and students must submit applications to the college with decent scores.

What Is The Tuition Cost At Almeda University?

Attending Almeda University ranges from $500 to $75,000 based on the degree, with an average of $35,000. When asked about how they paid for their studies, most reviewers replied, “I paid for it myself.”

Scholarship Opportunities For Almeda University Students

Since Almeda isn’t accredited by accredited accreditation bodies recognized by the United States Of America, no scholarships or grants are offered to the school or its students.

Final Thoughts

Almeda University was once a trusted online school that provided degrees and certificates to graduates and post-graduate students.

The institution today has become a slum. It would be a complete shadow of itself If there was ever a credible name.

In the past few years, there have been numerous reports of the school being involved in illegal actions.

Some might even refer to it as a “degree mill.” But, for the sake of clarity, Almeda is a Scam!!

Thus, while I’m sure that the school is no longer operating, it’s vital to be aware and stay clear of any issue related to the school.

Many credible online schools provide genuine educational services. Take a look at the editor’s recommendations to learn about these schools.

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