UNICAF Scholarships for International

If you’re in dire need of scholarships to study abroad, submit an application to UNICAF Awards specifically for international students.

This Scholarship will ensure that you pay for your tuition and other educational materials. The steps to apply for the Scholarship are completed online to apply for Bachelor’s, master’s, and Doctoral Degrees.

UNICAF can help you prepare for the fantastic future you and your family members dreamed. Generous scholarships allow students to complete their studies with a fraction of the initial tuition cost.

With the net benefit of internationally recognized certificates from UNICAF.UNICAF provides one of the most extensive scholarship programs available until now. With the help of UNICAF Scholarships and consequently the use of UNICAF’s revolutionary technology for learning.

Students across the geographic region and almost everywhere around the globe can benefit from international-recognized instruction.

UNICAF collaborates with universities across the UK and the U. the s., Europe, and Africa to provide top-quality undergraduate and graduate degrees online to the benefit of thousands of students at universities.

Africa and the other continents. More than 90 million dollars in scholarships have been offered to qualified students in the past. University affiliations in the united kingdom and you. s., Europe and Africa.

With Access to all time-tested materials, you can continue working and earning pay while studying. UNICAF is delighted with its staff UNICAF partners include the University of South Wales, Marymount University California, the University of Nicosia, and UNICAF University (the UNICAF University in Africa).

A UNICAF Scholarship will allow you to attain the degree you’ve always wanted, but at a fraction of cost, and make you ready for the fantastic future you’ve always dreamed of.

Why should you choose to study at UNICAF?

1. High Quality, Lower Cost: Save as much as 60% by studying online. Online learning allows you Access to the latest education options for a fraction of the cost of the course you select. Look up the section on programs available for more details about the various programs.

2. Worldwide recognized diplomas: top -quality courses taught by experts from the international and national levels.

3. An easy and speedy registration procedure: You can start learning in a matter of minutes and benefit from the latest technology in online virtual environments!

Flexible Access to online 24/7: There are no set time slots for studying, and there aren’t any basic guidelines.

You can adapt your schedule to meet your requirements. The only requirement is that you adhere to the deadlines.

About UNICAF Scholarships Program

UNICAF Scholarships Program was discovered to provide talented students with limited resources the chance to continue their education by gaining internationally recognized certifications at a minimal cost via online learning or blended learning (only accessible to UNICAF University programs).

Each application for a scholarship is reviewed, and a decision is made based on the qualifications and financial status of the candidate. The students who qualify are awarded an amount of Scholarship.

Please participate in the thousands of students from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, and numerous other countries who earned their degrees through the UNICAF Scholarship Program.

UNICAF Scholarship Programs

Level/Field of Study

The UNICAF Scholarship is available only to students enrolled in online studies. It’s for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees Program.

Host Nationality

Present UNICAF partner institutions include the University of South Wales (United Kingdom), Marymount University California in the United States, the University of Nicosia in Europe, and The UNICAF University within Africa.

Eligible Nationality

A student from Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, and several other countries can apply for the UNICAF Scholarship Programme.

Scholarship Worth

  • Affordable Through the UNICAF Scholarship Program, you pay only a tiny percentage of the costs.Accreditation You earn an internationally recognized postgraduate or undergraduate degree from one of the established UNICAF partner universities in the UK and the US, Europe, and Africa.Quick Access You have 24 hours online Access to the course materials using the latest technology in the online learning platform.Quick Registration: You apply, are accepted, and you’re awarded the Scholarship and begin your studies.


UNICAF will consider applicants for scholarships based on:

Academic qualifications: Candidates should meet the entry requirements of the respective program of study

Financial ability:Candidates must be able to pay a part of the cost after submitting their application for the Scholarship.

Residence country: Different scholarships are offered based on the country where the student is a resident.Academic EligibilityTo determine if you have the academic qualifications to be considered for the program of your choice, go to the appropriate page of one of our universities.

Please follow the link below for the University of South Wales programs: https://southwales.unicaf.org/admissions/.

For the UNICAF University program, please follow the link below: https://unicafuniversity.com/admission-criteria/.

How to Apply

First, fill out the application form.

This is a part of registering, and this is not a formal obligation on your part.When you’ve submitted your application after submitting the application form, an advisor for students will reach your to talk about the following issues:

  • The course’s requirements for your qualifications.
  • Diploma details
  • Criteria for eligibility
  • If you’re looking to learn by yourself online or on campus at UNICAF University in Malawi
  • The documentation you have to submit to be able to administer.
  • The amount of the award to which you are entitled.
  • A potential payment plan that will fit your budget.

Your Papers get Reviewed.

Once you’ve notified your advisor on the student that you would like to pursue your studies and submitted all of the required documents, The Admissions Officer will examine your application to decide if your academic credentials are in line with the minimum requirements, and the scholarship committee will decide.

Gets the final approval before it begins to investigate

Then, you will be notified of the decision made by the Admissions Officer and Scholarship Committee. Students studying online may also take advantage of our training centers located across the globe.If you are a student and want to begin your studies for the first time, they can rest assured that the UNICAF team will remain by their side all the journey. If you’re looking to apply for a UNICAF Scholarship, you can fill out an application online.

Application Deadline for UNICAF Scholarships

There are no fixed hours of study. There are no rules of the road. This is a non-stop award, meaning you can apply at any time. The only requirement is that you adhere to the dates. Change your study schedule to meet your requirements.

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