LPDP Scholarships

The LPDP Scholarships program, which will start in 2022, will fund you to pursue your studies as an Indonesian graduate student in one of these disciplines, provided you demonstrate academic excellence and leadership abilities.

About the 2022 LPDP Scholarships

The LPDP Scholarships are now open, so apply today. The LPDP application for the scholarship program to the 2022 Education Endowment Fund (LPDP) is a scholarship program run in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, officially began on Monday.

Through the help of this LPDP award, recipients receive LPDP expenses for support, such as masters or doctoral degrees, including the initial cost (initial allocation) and the regular cost (regular allotment).

Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan/ LPDP) offers graduate degrees for masters and doctoral studies. Programs at the University of Twente.

The grant will help to ensure the availability of skilled and skilled Indonesian human resources who are also leaders and have creative skills as the next leader of the LPDP scholarships program in Indonesia.

Candidates for the LPDP scholarships are Indonesian citizens with outstanding academic achievement and impressive leadership ability to pursue master and PhD programs.

The University of Twente offers a variety of studies at the University of Twente, whether in fields similar or different to the areas previously examined. Therefore, the University of Twente is one of the 200 most appropriate and most preferred partners of the LPDP.

According to Kompas.com According to Kompas.com, According to Kompas.com, the LPDP scholarships program is designed to help Indonesian students with outstanding academic performance and outstanding leadership. Successful candidates will receive money to continue their education with these LPDP scholarships.

This includes a full-time scholarship for the most prestigious universities. BPI fellowship recipients are Indonesian citizens who have excellent academic results and impressive leadership ability and want to pursue their studies at levels of Masters and PhD.

Level/ Field of Study

The LPDP Scholarships 2022 is intended for graduate or doctoral students who are in the process of completing their doctoral or master’s programs.

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship concentrates on six critical scientific fields, including

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Agriculture
  • Accounting/finance
  • Law
  • Religion.

If you’re searching for undergraduate scholarships, you can click on the links for diverse categories to discover additional scholarships you can apply for in 2022.

Host Nationality

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education scholarship will be held in Indonesia. If you’re in the United States as a student and would like to attend school within America, United States, Check out the top scholarships available to study within Asia. ASIA.

These scholarships are great opportunities to resolve most of your academic issues. Find other scholarships you could be eligible for from 2022 to pursue studies within Europe, Africa, America, for example.

Eligible Nationality

The LPDP scholarship programmes are accessible for Indonesian residents who reside in Indonesia if they want to go abroad to study. Complete and Clear Answers to applying for and winning a scholarship.

Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship Benefits

University Fees:

  1. Admission fees(at cost);
  2. Tuition fees, including non-language matriculation (at cost);
  3. Non-tuition costs can be used to finance seminars, thesis/dissertation, books publications and graduation (package annually, annual, and accumulative).

Supporting Fees:

  1. Transport costs from the area that is the source to the university and return (once per journey, at a fee),
  2. Health insurance (package),
  3. Visa (at cost),
  4. The allowance for life (package),
  5. Family Support (package),
  6. Settlement allowance (package),
  7. The prize for the most prestigious school that meets the requirements of LPDP,
  8. Emergencies and forces Majeure that have been agreed to by LPDP.

It is an LPDP scholarship program awards to students for a maximum of 2 years in the master’s degree or four for the doctoral degree.

Who Can Apply For LPDP Scholarships 2022 | Eligibility

The applicants to the LPDP scholarship program must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Indonesian citizen
  • Get a bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Has a leadership position
  • Participate in social, scientific, innovative, creative or cultural activities
  • Make your piece of writing (500 or 700-700 words) on “My contribution to Indonesia”.
  • The maximum age for applicants as of the 31st day of registration was 35 years. Health certificate

Health Certificate

Candidates need to have valid health certificates and medications provided by the hospital. In addition, anyone who wants to study abroad should present a tuberculosis reimbursement certificate issued by an institution.

Recommendation letter to scholarship program LPDP scholarships program

People who haven’t been employed yet need to be provided with a letter of recommendation from a pastor. At this point, employees may submit an official letter of recommendation from their supervisor.

Declaration letter

The applicant must sign a document declaring that they will be returning to Indonesia when they have completed their studies. The letter should also mention that they will not participate in illegal activities or be a part of an organization opposed to the Pancasila philosophy.

How To Apply For LPDP Scholarships 2022

The registration period will begin on July 2. Students will be given three months to create the necessary documents for submission on September 21. Different shortlisting techniques will be employed to review the applications of candidates. Visit the LPDP website for more details.

LPDP Scholarships 2022 Deadline

The registration period is open through June 8, each year, through their site. If you’re seeking details on LPDP specifications, check out the information below.


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