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Do you enjoy interacting with others? If so, then applying for one of these Insurance jobs in Canada would be the best choice for you.

You can choose the position that best matches you and your skills from among these Canada Insurance job openings.

10 Insurance Jobs in Canada For Immigrants

Here is a list of open positions with Canada Insurance for 2022. If any of the aforementioned positions appeal to you, scroll down to learn more about the position.

1. Health Care Payment Representative—Board of Insurance and Safety in the Workplace

The mission of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is to promote employee health and wellness. An experienced Health Care Payment Representative who can effectively engage with business partners is what we are looking for.

2. Risk Control Professionals

Inc. iv3 Solutions

A Risk Control Specialist post is being recruited by the commercial insurance company iv3 Solutions Inc.

3. Business Underwriter


Zensurance is presently hiring Commercial Underwriters to develop and assess underwriting standards and realize the company’s vision by offering the finest insurance options to business owners.

4. Analyst for Risk and Insurance

Asset Management Brookfield

To fill the role of a Risk & Insurance Analyst, Brookfield is looking for candidates with strong organizational and analytical abilities.

5. Loss Control Examiner

LP Opta Precise Services

To evaluate properties and offer recommendations for loss prevention, Opta Precise Services LP is seeking the services of a Loss Control Inspector with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

6. A claims examiner for an insurance

The EllisDon Company

An insurance provider with an emphasis on finding solutions for projects is EllisDon Corporation. To examine and decipher insurance policies, we are hiring an insurance claims examiner.

7. Chief Marketing Officer for the country

International HUB

A National Chief Marketing Officer will collaborate and lead with regional executives at HUB International, a premier insurance provider in the world.

8. Project consultant coordinator

Affordable Insurance Group

The Economical Insurance Group is looking for a Consulting Project Coordinator to support operational planning. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal and relationship-building skills.

9. Intermediate Underwriter Bilingual

eLife Empire

Bilingual Intermediate Underwriter is a position that Empire Life is hiring for. This person will review and evaluate financial risks.

10. Claimant’s Advocate

Corporation Northbridge Financial

Leading Canadian business insurance provider Northbridge Financial Corporation is presently looking for a Claims Adjuster with excellent analytical and research abilities.

What is the highest paying job in insurance?

A rapidly expanding career field is insurance. According to a recent industry trend survey, 63 percent of insurance companies want to raise their workforce sizes over the next 12 months.

It is predicted that there would be over 1,000,000 open insurance positions by 2024. It’s a fantastic job field to think about when you consider that and the fact that millennials aren’t very interested in working in insurance only the third show any interest.

Top 5 highest paying jobs in insurance

1. Actuary — $161,759 After gaining eight years of experience, an actuary can expect to earn as much as $330,890 a year.

2. Insurance Claims Adjusters — $114,976 A chief claims executive can expect to earn an average base salary of $249,900.

3. Insurance Underwriter — $108,957 A top underwriting executive can expect to earn around $257,925 a year.

4. Financial Analyst — $103,204 — A financial analyst is responsible for preparing, coordinating, and documenting financial analysis of projects.

5. Risk Analyst — $104,421 — A risk modeling manager oversees strategic business analysis modeling.

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