Global Cyber University

One of the remarkable aspects of Global Cyber University is its name. “Global.”

The university represents part of an international group of students committed to creating an improved world.

They help students develop an international outlook capable of solving humanity’s issues—Earth and society.

If you want to learn the details about Global Cyber University, read our complete review of the Korean institution.

Global Cyber University is an educational institution based upon what is known as the Hongik ideal.

Global Cyber University Global Cyber University believes that education is essential to people’s lives.

Thus, through Global Cyber University, they are hoping to demonstrate the depth of Korean culture to the world.

Additionally, the way students study has also changed as they modify their study plans and curriculum to their requirements. This has made higher-level studies more accessible and easy to complete.

Global Cyber University seeks to be part of this rapidly growing learning phenomenon by offering access to information like other online universities.

Also, you could benefit from the advantages that e-learning can provide students.

Therefore, I urge you to consider Global Cyber University and all it can offer.

This institute will help you discover your purpose in life and the meaning you have for your life.

About Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University (GCU) is a central university with a worldwide reach that educates 21st century’s men of potential, who are globalizing Korean traditional education and achieving the welfare state.

They are promoting Hallyu cultural practices (or K-Culture) around the globe.

Global Cyber University is also called BTS University abroad. Of the 7 BTS members BTS which became international stars, 6 were students at Global Cyber University.

Many Korean stars are part of the Hallyu culture (or K-Culture) at Global Cyber University.

Global Cyber University is an institution of higher education based on what is known as the Hongik ideal.

This is the philosophy that lies at the core of Korean society. It’s not just a way of life for Koreans but an ideal for everyone.

This philosophy, which is the foundation of the education method, is known in Korea as Hongik and is a popular concept in Korea.

The meaning is straightforward. It is to live and work for the good of everyone else, not just you.

It is the primary currency of Korea and is a coin that the Korean population has struggled to manage from the beginning of their history.

Thanks to internet access Internet and the increasing connectivity of our times, There are more opportunities than ever before for achieving this dream.

The Global Cyber University is about helping students integrate this mindset into their daily lives.

Here, you’ll find an entirely different experience.

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Why Should I Choose Global Cyber University?

When deciding on your path to education, Ask yourself, “What do I really would like to achieve for my life?”Your answer will help you determine the best option for you.

The Global Cyber University strive to contribute to the world’s cultural knowledge just like every other institution.

But there’s something else they’re striving to achieve. Global Cyber University fully wants to empower people to harness their skills for global good and live out what they refer to as”the Hongik ideal.

Global Cyber University nurtures creative individuals to connect with the world. It also helps develop potential and hopes through popular culture and art.

By doing this, it assists in spreading Korean culture and helping spread Hallyu through the Koreans.

The students at Global Cyber University are also convinced that education is essential to how people live their lives and is far more crucial than the model of phone they use or the television shows they enjoy.

With the help of Global Cyber University, they are hoping to demonstrate the significance of Korean culture to the world.

Internet-based education is revolutionizing education. With the advent of the Internet and digital technology, most people have access to a specific education regardless of their financial status and lifestyle.

A growing number of senior adults are looking for further education to improve their careers and life.

Students study has changed over time as they modify their schedules and courses to meet their demands. It has made higher-level studies more accessible and easy to complete.

Global Cyber University seeks to be a part of this rapidly growing education phenomenon. By offering the same access to information as other universities online, You also get to take advantage of the advantages that e-learning provides students.

A negative side effect that could result from online-based education could be the students’ isolation. While traditional universities have classrooms for students who interact with one another, Cyber students do not interact physically with their instructors or students and are entirely unengaged in their studies.

But they aim to build bridges between people, for good for all humanity.

Although their classmates might be on the opposite side of the globe, Global Cyber University’s method of learning and encouragement of collaborative learning and problem solving through the Internet will allow their students to be further than they could in traditional classrooms.

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How do I know Global Cyber University Ranked?

Global Cyber University is ranked highly for its capacity to assist students in reaching their maximum potential.

They have turned these lessons into a powerful personal development program that aids everyone around the world lead more fulfilling lives.

In July, GCU received an award for its excellence in its “Emotional Labor Healing 365Campaign” ongoing for the past four years. Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency presented the award.

Is Global Cyber University Accredited?

In conjunction with and Higher Education Act, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology accredited Cyber University as a four-year university.

This comprises three departments and six majors (Department of Human Service, Department of Global Management, and Department of Cultural Contents were created.)

What is Global Cyber University Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate is 96.3 per cent. This means that you can diligently apply to the school and increase your acceptance chances.

The academic year 2010 had the third-highest amount of freshman intakes in all Cyber universities in Korea.

What are the Programs Global Cyber University Offer?

As an internationally recognized professional institution for advanced education for the 21st century, Global Cyber University is committed to nurturing and discovering artistic talent.

To fulfil this goal, the university plans in establishing itself as an alma-mater amid a global exchange of culture.

This is achieved through the following programs:

  • Counselling Psychology
  • Brain Education Convergence
  • Sports & Health
  • Brain-based Emotion Coaching
  • Practical English
  • AI Convergence
  • Convergence Contents
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Convergence Management
  • Oriental Studies
  • Interdisciplinary- Major
    • Dementia Care
    • Global K-Culture

How Do I Get Admission Into Global Cyber University?

Admissions to Global Cyber University are processed in Korean, and all classes will be taught in Korean.

There are no requirements for language. Therefore, you do not have to report your score on a Korean proficiency test Korean.

It’s crucial to understand and speak Korean at an acceptable level. This will let you get the most out of your assignments, classes, and examinations.

These are admissions requirements to students in First Year Second Year Transfer and Third Year Transfer Students.

Admission Requirements First-Year Students

  1. High school graduates (or expected to graduate)
  2. A candidate who has been able to pass the high school equivalency test.
  3. A person who is recognized as having the equivalent of their education to that in law

Admission Requirements Second-Year Students

  1. Candidates who have completed their studies (or expect to be graduating) from a college and are considered to have an equivalent education background as per the law.
  2. Candidates who have completed two terms of the college program and gained more than 35 credits.
  3. The applicants have earned more than 35 credits as per the Act of Credit Recognition.

Admission Requirements Third-Year Students

  1. The applicants who have completed their studies (or are scheduled to be graduating) from college and have been considered to have the equivalent to their background as per the law.
  2. Candidates who have completed at the very least four college semesters and have earned at least 70 credits
  3. Candidates who have made at least 70 credits by the Act on Credit Recognition.

Eligibility for General and Special Admissions

Students are accepted with special admissions only if the applicant’s specific professional (life experiences) and the conditions meet certain guidelines.

The applicants who meet the standard requirements above and want to be considered for admission on an exceptional basis must meet the following criteria to be admitted.

Eligibility for Transfer Students

  1. Credits are accepted after the department of associate has submitted and reviewed the transcripts of that previous school.
  2. Second-year transfer students are eligible to receive up to 35 credit hours, and third-year transfer students qualify for the maximum of 70 credits.
  3. Based on the previous institution’s area of study and the department’s subject, credits can be categorized as culture, primary, or general courses.
  4. Notes from classes are not accepted; only credits for courses are accepted.
  5. The rest of the credits that aren’t recognized as primary or culturally elective credits are categorized as general elective credits.

How to Apply for the Admission

When they enrol in semester courses, students have to pay tuition costs.

The registration process is conducted within a specific time and procedure.

Students can only modify or cancel the courses they’ve selected during the period of course correction.


Submit Online Application:

  • Go to
  • Complete the application thoroughly, and save the form.
  • Pay the application fee (KRW 30000)
  • Fill out Study Plan and Academic Aptitude Test

Document Requirements:

  • The official transcripts for all years of high school (Translated and signed by notarization)
  • If you have graduated from different countries for middle school, elementary school, or high school,
  • You must provide all official transcripts (elementary school, middle school, elementary school or high school).
  • The Official Higher School Diploma (Translated and notarized)
  • Official Admissions Agreement in academic credits (Attached file)
  • Academic History Verification Report or the Verification of Apostille
  • Contact public institutions related to education and the applicant’s Embassy consulate for more information on this report. Academic History Verification Report
  • A 3×4 inch copy of the applicant’s picture
  • Online GCU Application Form (Download)
  • Photocopy of passport

Document Screening:

The school manages this privately.

Interview (Offline or Online):

Additional notice will be provided

Decision Notification

Additional notice will be provided

Tuition Payment (in KRW):

Entrance Fee: KRW 166,000

Course Fee: KRW 70,000 per credit

Total course cost per semester (18 credits for six courses) Total course fee per semester: KRW 1,260,000

Payment Methods: Credit Cards or Wire Transfers

A personal request announces this scholarship before applying for the scholarship.

Begin School:

  • Entrance Ceremony
  • The orientation for each department

Is Global Cyber University Expensive? Tuition and Living Cost

The tuition is reasonably affordable for anyone with the low end of the budget.


  • Entrance Fee: KRW 166,000
  • Course Fee: KRW 70,000 per credit
  • The total course cost per semester (18 credits for six courses) Total course fee per semester: KRW 1,260,000

The payment method they use is credit Cards and Wire Transfers.


Practical training is thorough and rigorous, combining field lecturers with a realistic training environment. Global Cyber University helps build responsible students for career management.

If you’re still waiting to apply to this university, go through the Global Cyber University full review steps.


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