Work Permit For Couples

The open Work Permit pilot in Canada program has been extended to those sponsored to obtain permanent residence by their spouses, common-law partners, or spouses.

Immigrants living in Canada who are yet to apply for permanent residency status with their spouse or common-law partner now have the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

Applications submitted through IRCC through the Spousal Sponsorship program are generally completed in 12 months. Therefore, the open work permit available to spouses is a way to ease the physical and emotional stress of a lengthy application.

To be eligible to obtain an open working permit, applicants must submit a request for spousal sponsorship within the country via a process known as the in-country sponsorship program.

Originally scheduled to end on Jan 31, 2019, the program was extended until Jul 31, 2020. of July 2020.

The spouse sponsorship program is a component of the Family Class Immigration Program. Anyone Canadian (or permanent residence) may sponsor a spouse or partner to become a permanent resident of Canada.

With the inland sponsorship program, couples who live within Canada can be sponsored by one another by having the sponsor have permanent residence and temporary status.

Inquiring for the open permit to work

You may request an open permit to work during the same time that your sponsorship application, as well as permanent residency application, has been submitted.

If you have already filed a permanent residency application but are still waiting for an employment permit, you may apply for a work permit separately.

Candidates whose application was accepted in principle are issued an official approval from IRCC, which states that they meet the requirements for permanent residency.

These candidates have still awaiting their security and medical background checks. They are still eligible to apply for a work permit open online.


  • If someone is looking to apply for an open permit to work, these are the following requirements:
  • The applicant must be living at the same address for the duration of the application.
  • It is necessary to possess a valid temporary residence visa for visitors, students, or workers.
  • The application needs to be submitted by the spouse who is or is a Canadian or permanent resident.
  • All applications must be made through the Spousal or common-law partner.

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