Australia Awards Scholarship

As a student wishing to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship, the only story we want to be on your lips at the end is that “I won because I bought WSF AAS Ebook”.

Yes, Australia Awards Scholarship is one of the biggest fully funded scholarships with a lot of benefits. But winning this scholarship over the years is one difficult thing most applicants face.

If “curiosity could get a cat promoted, clicking “Buy Now” will secure you a fully paid tuition and living expenses till you graduate.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Australia Awards Stats over the years.

From the Australia Awards Statistical profile, about 18, 945 applies for this scholarship year to year but DFAT offers 1,985 Australia Awards scholarships and short courses.

So you see the ratio of the number of applicants to the number of awardees at the end (i.e 10:1) is very thin. This alone makes this scholarship very competitive and your chances of securing this scholarship indeed very thin.

The table and graph below will show you a clear view of what we mean.

Hence, there is a great chance of missing out on this fully packaged scholarship. But, as someone who has a winning mindset, you shouldn’t be too fast to conclude that you won’t win.

That is why you need this Australia Awards Scholarship Ebook as a Pacific, Asia, and Africa student.

The Ebook is specifically written to guide you through every step of your application.

It is: well detailed, well explained. Simple to understand


Unlock Your Means of Studying with a Scholarship

When applying for these popular Australian government scholarships, it is important that you understand, if not exactly, but have a detailed understanding of what you need to qualify. Here we are trying to expand on these details (eligibility tips for Australian awards).

In this Ebook, you will find a full guide on how to apply for any Australia Awards Scholarships and also how to win the scholarship.

It doesn’t make sense to be going back and forth sourcing for information on how to apply. All you need to do is to place this Ebook alongside your application page and you are good to go.

I bet you have no idea that before beginning an application for an Australia Awards Scholarship, applicants must request access to OASIS. The first step is to register in OASIS as this will enable you to log in, create, and complete an application.

This is what the scholarship Ebook will help you with. Showing you every step you need to take to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship.

I will advise you to carefully read through this Ebook first before going to the application page of the scholarship. Reason being that there is necessary information to take note and documents to prepare before you start your application.

So, if you are from the eligible countries and you want to win the Australia Awards Scholarship, pay now to avoid not being among the winners.

Winning is the goal factor!

All you need to do is to buy Australia Awards Scholarship Ebook Now! Frankly, this Australia Awards Scholarship Ebook is your success story.

Australia Awards Scholarship for Asian Student

As an Asian student applying for Australia Awards, you will take the Online Application path (OASIS) to apply.

While all applicants are encouraged to apply online, not all schools are able to receive applications via the online application facility in OASIS.

That is why you need a step by step guide to having a successful application. Making the choice of getting this Ebook will help you gradually tick all the boxes you need in order to get your application correctly.

The Scholarship Ebook include Templates of Employment letter, Refree Report, Reintegration Plan, CV. This template will show you how to structure each of the EBook.

After going through this Ebook, filling the application form will seem like you have already won the scholarship.


Australia Awards Scholarship for Pacific Student

Equally, as a Pacific student, there are two types of scholarships that you are eligible to apply for.

And both have different application path.

The application process for the Australia Awards Scholarship is online. While, Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship applications are submitted by email, post, or in-person.

This Online application is through OASIS. The truth is that you can not be successful with your application in OASIS without a guide.

You need a comprehensive step by step guide to pull through your application.

Also, you are not familiar with the right structure of email to submit to grant you the scholarship. The Ebook gives you the right template on how to write a compelling Email.

Win to Wow Others

Winning a scholarship depends as much on luck as on skill. Increase your chances of winning by applying for as many as possible.

As an aspiring applicant, you might be eligible to apply for the Australia Awards Scholarship and Australia awards Pacific Scholarship. But don’t apply if you aren’t eligible.

Following eligibility checking, applications will be assessed and shortlisted by Australian Government representatives. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview, which will include a writing exercise.

For this reason, we will be giving you tips on how you can be selected for this scholarship.

It will include “How to Dominate your Interview”, What to know about writing your Development plan, and How you can make your Placement offer.

If You Are Not From Pacific, We Also Have Australia Awards Scholarship Ebook for Asians


I will like to conclude by saying that comments are welcomed from those who probably have been awarded the scholarships in the past. People want to learn from you.

Also, everyone is welcome to contribute to the topic. If yours is an inquiry, you should also use the comment section. If you are yet to apply for the awards for this year you can Start Now to apply before the deadline.

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