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While a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering can assist you in launching an auto industry, a master’s degree will provide you with the skills to fill the managerial roles.

A master’s degree, however, is required to be obtained at accredited universities. This article offers the top master’s programs for students from the UK.

Ninety percent of the students that don’t return to university for an advanced degree blame their financial situation as the reason. Some do not think they need one since they can work and earn a living with their first degree.

The bachelor of science degree in automotive engineering will give you in-depth knowledge of the field. There are a variety of sub-disciplines within the field of automotive engineering.

Although you can start your career with an undergraduate degree, it’s only going to get you an entry-level job. Automobiles are enormous, and an entry-level job might not provide you with the opportunity to be able to hold all the high-level positions.

For a faster climb up the ladder to reach the top, a master’s degree in engineering at an accredited automotive school can help you. This article will provide specific reasons to earn an engineering master’s degree in the UK and lay the top ten master’s programs to look into.

What is the reason to study for a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering in the UK?

In terms of top-quality education, universities in the United Kingdom have a reputation for top research. The curriculum for the programs is generally designed to help students build the skills, knowledge of critical thinking, and connections that will help them advance their careers.

The faculty members of accredited automotive institutions are trained to provide a high-quality education to prepare students to be successful as employers or as academics worldwide.

Another reason to pursue a degree in automobiles in the UK is its warm and welcoming society. Studying in the UK is similar to learning in a multicultural and tolerant nation.

With more than 458 529 international students, you’ll surely meet peers, acquaintances, and study buddies from any race or tribe around the globe.

UK automotive schools have the highest standards and have the most extensive libraries across the globe. In addition, international students can benefit from the numerous scholarships provided by the UK government.

UK government. It is interesting to note that sure of them are funded entirely, and all you need to do is study and get high marks.

In short, getting a master’s degree in the UK provides the possibility of quality education and the kind that gives you a top-quality, reputable degree with no tuition fees when you are awarded the engineering student’s scholarship.

Best Masters in Automotive Engineering in the UK?

There are plenty of universities that offer a master’s degree in automotive engineering within the United Kingdom. However, even though there are many choices, it is best to select the master’s top-quality program.

In reality, the location you earn an advanced degree affects the opportunities for employment open to you. Most often, automotive engineering programs are prevalent throughout the UK.

In deciding which program to enroll in, students should consider whether the institution is accredited, the school’s quality, the student’s graduation rates, and acceptance rates.

Rate of employability When selecting a master’s degree, be aware of the chances of receiving an interview after completion. It is typically expressed as the percentage of the total amount of students who receive an offer of employment following graduation.

When determining the top master’s programs in automotive engineering in the UK, This article examines the potential of the automotive university that offers the master’s degree. So naturally, the higher the cost, the higher the quality of training you’ll get.

Tuition The Tuition certificate shows students’ tuition and fees, especially international students, have to pay to obtain this certificate.

Accreditation Achieving an accredited degree from an institution is not equivalent to earning a degree. So, it is essential to determine the institution’s status before applying. In assessing the top master’s degree programs, this article examines how an accredited UK program’s Automotive Engineering Master’s degree.

10. University of Leeds

Program: Automotive Engineering MSc (Eng)

Through its School of Mechanical Engineering, the University of Leeds offers an advanced master’s degree in an automotive engineering program in just 12 months.

In essence, the program is designed to provide students with the expertise and knowledge required to meet the requirements for the automobile industry.

The program prepares students to succeed in the more advanced fields of research, development, and manufacturing.

After completing the master’s program, the students will be prepared to perform their work in various situations. The course will cover the design of driveline and chassis engineering and human aspects in the automotive.

The knowledge and skills gained are helpful to students in the design and construction phase of their projects.

Entry Requirements

The applicant must have an undergraduate degree with at least two years of study in an appropriate engineering discipline.

In essence, to be successful in this course, students must achieve high grades in advanced math, fluid mechanics, and material durability.

All applicants must possess a grade C or higher in GSCE English or GSCE English.


9. Swansea University

Program The Simulated Design for Products – MSC Research

Swansea University offers one of the top masters in automotive technology in the UK.

The program generally uses mathematical models as a foundation and algorithms to offer methods that enable complex problems to be addressed.

Through the years, this institution has been at the forefront of research internationally in computation engineering.

World well-known engineers will teach the classes from Swansea.

Most of them have led to the development of numerical methods, including the finite element technique and related computational techniques. In addition, it enabled them to solve numerous complex engineering challenges.

The prerequisites for admission to MSc by Research Simulation Driven Product Design MSc through Research Simulation Driven Product Design is the first or upper second honors qualification in Engineering or another relevant science discipline.

Students who are from non-English-speaking nations must pass any tests. the tests in these English examinations for English, including those taking the Swansea University English Test, the British Council IELTS test (with scores of between 6.5 as well as 5.5 in each section)


8. Loughborough University

Program: MSc Automotive Engineering

Loughborough University offers one of the top master’s programs in automotive engineering. This program was designed to impart the necessary knowledge and technical skills in a broad range of automotive fields to students interested in automotive.

Through its alliance that includes Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover, Students can acquire technical know-how from professionals on the job.

Students can participate in one of the four research groups that cover aerospace and automotive engineering.

Whatever the class, students are working on diverse research subjects.

The topics covered will include the development of innovative design methodologies to engineer hybrids’ investigation into aerodynamics and simulation.

In addition, this master’s degree offers students the opportunity to connect to Horiba MIRA Ltd near Nuneaton.

It is a test vehicle ground facility that is part of Europe’s most significant research and development cluster in technology.


7. University of Bath

Programs: Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion (MSc)

It is one of the top Master’s degrees in Automotive Engineering offered in the UK. It is provided through Bath University. The University of Bath is a year-long full-time course.

The Master’s degree program is designed for engineers looking to expand their skills. In addition, those who wish to pursue a specialization in automotive engineering and technology can obtain this Master’s degree.

The majority of students will be exposed to what they can learn about the research and development area of the auto industry. Since it is an automobile school, it focuses on the performance, design, and operation of automotive powertrains and automobile systems.

For this Master’s degree to be completed, students must finish their coursework in two semesters and submit their dissertation before the summer. Practically, the learning process will take place through lectures and online resources and practical sessions and seminars, tutorials, and workshops.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for this Master’s program in the UK must hold an undergraduate degree in science or the UK equivalent, with a GPA of 2.2 or higher.

In addition, students from other countries must take the English test. However, it is not required for students who have earned a degree in the UK within the last two years before applying.


6. Brunel the University of London

Application: Automotive and Motorsport Engineering MSc

The one-year, full-time automotive engineering master’s program in the UK is provided.

In essence, it aims to equip students enthusiastic about motorsports with the expertise and expertise required to be successful in the field.

After graduation, students can begin a career in the highly fast-paced and highly competitive engineering area.

This program will instruct students on the various aspects of development, design, and the construction of competitive vehicles. It will include aerodynamics, materials structural analysis, IC engines, and the vehicle’s systems.

Students will also learn to utilize tools such as computation-based modeling and simulation and data analysis to evaluate the strength, performance, and cost while also ensuring the safety aspect.

The program also equips students with managerial abilities to prepare them for operational tasks like racing planning and marketing, vehicle testing, and managing risk.

The entry requirements

Candidates must hold a 2:2 or higher UK Honours degree or equivalent degree internationally recognized.


5. Oxford Brookes University

Program: Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles MSc

This top master’s level automobile engineering in the UK is provided through Oxford Brookes University.

The program prepares students for careers in the automotive industry. It can be completed in 12 months full-time or 24 months if part-time.

Students will also learn how to handle the fast-paced and complicated changes that are taking place in the field.

The classes are held in an engineering building, taught by specialists in their area by faculty.

Additionally, this master’s program provides students with the chance to work with the automotive industry along its supply chain.

In general, the course will keep students informed on the latest developments in:

  • Automotive technologies
  • Methods of production
  • Processes
  • management techniques.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to have an undergraduate degree equivalent to at the very least a British Lower Second-Class bachelor’s degree in automotive, mechanical, or motorsport engineering or a related field.

Relevant experience in the workplace is essential. If your primary language isn’t English, you’ll need an IELTS score of 6.0 all-inclusive with 6.0 in all parts and an equal English level of proficiency acceptable to the university.


4. University of Hertfordshire

Programs: Engineering (Automotive) (Near STEM) MSc

It’s one of the top engineering courses in the automotive industry in the UK. It is primarily a program for students who do not have STEM backgrounds.

The master’s in the automotive program provided at the University of Hertfordshireallows students who do not have prior knowledge of engineering to make progress in industrial engineering. They must, however, be graduates of a STEM undergrad program.

This school offers excellent facilities in the field of automotive engineering technology. It is reflected in its Automotive Center that has engines test facilities.

Entry Requirements

The applicants must have an A-level pass in mathematics or equivalent. Furthermore, they must have a minimum of 2:2 honors in mathematics, Physics, Astrophysics, and any STEm related degree.

A BSC in computer science, food science, biotechnology, or chemistry with 2.2 Honors is acceptable.

Students should also submit work experience and academic accomplishments. Indeed, any relevant credentials will be considered.


3. Cranfield University

Program: MSC in Automotive Engineering

Cranfield University offers an MSC in Automotive Engineering. The department has been operating for over 50 years and is well-known for its strong industrial connections.

In essence, the program gives students the chance to learn in a setting that allows master’s degree holders to secure jobs upon their graduation within their field of study. Some, however, may conduct research in the academic area.

Cranfield University completed in just one year. It’s a full-time course, and students are taught by industry experts and be part of an experienced research team at Cranfield.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for this master’s degree in automotive engineering should have an upper-second or first-class UK Honours degree or equivalent in mathematics, engineering, or applied sciences and demonstrate a strong desire to pursue an automotive career.

However, the Premasters program is indeed for those who do not meet the requirements for eligibility. After completion, students are eligible to be admitted into the program.


2. Coventry University, London

Program: Automotive Engineering – MSc

The program is provided in collaboration with Coventry University, London Automotive engineering MSC is among the most prestigious masters offered in the UK for automotive engineers.

The program is designed to produce skilled, highly educated, and capable men to meet the demands of the auto industry.

The course was designed to help students acquire managerial and technical expertise, in addition to the required knowledge needed by the majority of automotive companies.

Jagua Land Rover is one of the many impressive partnerships with industry that make up this automotive school located in the UK. Thus, students learn to create and test vehicles that are more efficient in fuel consumption and refined and secure by collaborating with industry experts.

It is done by educating students in studying the design and operation of automotive powertrains and vehicle systems.

The course lets students master individual components as well as a complete vehicle.

Entry Requirements

You’ll have completed undergraduate education in a mechanical, automotive, or closely related field. You could have comparable work experiences.


1. Birmingham City University

Program: Electronic and Automotive Engineering- MSC

Birmingham City University offers one of the top masters in automotive technology in the UK.

The program’s primary goal is to encourage creativity and the improvement of leadership abilities in engineering and teach students how to solve engineering issues through investigation.

It’s practical, as students are likely to embark on an independent course of study. It will surely enhance the students’ understanding while creating new skills.

This top master’s degree in automotive engineering exposes the students to standards in the industry and advanced computer-based tools like the analysis of mechanisms and computation fluid dynamics.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must hold at least the equivalent of a second Class Honors or similar degree within a relevant discipline.

However, you might be considered if applicants can demonstrate the required knowledge and abilities to complete the course successfully.



The majority of countries across the United Kingdom may require students to finish a bachelor of science course in automotive engineering. In addition, students must be Professional Engineers to practice.

While this can be a fantastic beginning, many firms in the auto industry will not allow managers to get managerial positions without having a master’s degree.

It is possible to earn an automotive master’s degree from a UK automotive college at the very least in one year. This article will provide a list of the top master’s degree programs in the UK mechanical engineering degrees, including their school’s tuition and the employment rates of graduates from the various programs.

All you have to do is go through this post to locate the most suitable program for your needs right now and your immediate desires.

The review has been written in detail to assist you in making an informed and confident choice. Do not worry; all the programs listed are recognized.





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