Fairmont Pittsburgh is currently seeking an experienced bartender to provide the best customer service and accommodations in Andys Bar. Candidates who are ideal for this position will be enthusiastic about drinks and wine and works in and contributes to the vibe of a trendy bar. 

Bartenders are knowledgeable about wines, with more than 20 different varieties available by the glass, and believes in themselves as an expert in mixing the finest cocktails available. 

The job requires an experienced service professional with strong technical, organizational, and interpersonal abilities.

Summary of Andys Bar Pittsburgh Responsibilities:

  • Offer warm, genuine, and engaging service to ensure that guests feel valued.
  • Each Guest should be treated as a particular person
  • Make sure you are prepared for your guests’ needs with thoughtful and personalized touches.
  • Problems with guests and don’t ever “no” without offering an alternative.
  • As an ambassador, you will represent the Brand and Hotel, Community, and Colleagues
  • Follow the Fairmont fundamental values: respect, honesty, integrity, teamwork, and empowerment.
  • Play an active, positive part in the Hotel
  • Keep your appearance professional.
  • Participate in the pre-shift briefings and regular meetings to maintain that there are open channels of communication.
  • Be supportive of all green initiatives and recycling.
  • Keep a clean, safe, and clean Hotel.
  • Experienced with all wines and cocktails available
  • Offer service to guests to guests within Fairmont as well as Hotel Standards
  • Create a welcoming environment by interacting with guests
  • Beverage requisitioning
  • Bar set-up and then tear it down
  • Mixes and garnishes to be prepared and cocktails according to FAME standards, as needed
  • Cash Handling
  • Serve responsibly with alcohol
  • Bar Merchandise is displayed in a beautiful display
  • Handles all inquiries from guests within Andys
  • Daily reports review, arrivals, and VIP, follow-up with group members on the action items
  • In the know of all activities inside the Hotel daily and able to guide guests in the best possible way
  • Other tasks as required

Qualifications of Andys Bar Pittsburgh:

  • Prior bartending experience is preferred
  • A thorough understanding of all beverage products
  • The previous point of sale system has been a source of asset
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills and excellent communication abilities
  • A solid interpersonal and problem-solving capabilities
  • Very responsible and reliable
  • Ability to work when under stress in a high paced working environment
  • Ability to work effectively with colleagues as part of an overall team
  • Focus on guests’ needs, and remain calm and polite throughout the day.

Physical Aspects of the position (include but aren’t restricted to):

  • Continuous walking and standing all through the shift
  • Heavy lifting and carrying of up to 20lbs
  • Sometimes, kneeling, pushing, lifting, pulling
  • Sometimes ladders that ascend or descend as well as ramps, stairs, and ramps

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