Housekeepers, also known as necessary women. Housekeeper (also called a the necessary lady) is a person who is accountable for overseeing the cleaning staff of a house.

Housekeepers can also do the chores of cleaning themselves.

At Airsorted, our goal is to ensure hosting is easy for all. We’ve already accumulated more than $50,000,000 in host income and managed thousands of homes in various cities across the globe.

If you work at Airsorted, You’ll be part of an exciting creative, and supportive team that is joining forces in our pursuit to dominate the world!

We seek friendly, reliable housekeepers with excellent communication skills who work during weekends.

We can provide you with cleaning services up to seven days per week across Sydney.

Today’s Housekeepers

In developed countries, fewer families can afford live-in help as they once did. Fewer hereditary grand households exist due to the World Wars, though a considerable number exist in places such as the United Kingdom. Fewer families employ staff due to technological advances and the lack of need due to social status.

In nations where there is still a ready supply of inexpensive labor,[example needed] the middle classes may still be able to afford servants. For these households, the remnant of the once-grand position of the head housekeeper is often a cook-housekeeper. The modern cook-housekeeper performs cooking and cleaning duties.

In countries such as the U.S., the U.K., France, and the European countries, there has been a rise[when?] in people employing domestic staff.

Requirements for Housekeepers

  • A smartphone is required to access our App (iPhone or Android)
  • the right to be self-employed in Australia
  • Conversational English
  • domestic cleaning experience (hotel housekeeping/cleaning experience preferred)
  • The reliability
  • Good communication abilities (to be able to report back to the office about the cleanliness)

Benefits of Housekeepers

  • $28/h
  • To apply, click on the “Apply Here” or click on the “Apply Here” link, and we’ll be in touch with you.
  • We at Airsorted believe in an inclusive and diverse work atmosphere. So, we’d like to ensure that our hiring process is available to all. Therefore, if you require reasonable adjustments at any time during the process, we’ll try our best to be accommodating. Please inform us of the details you require in your application.


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