Boarding Schools In Washington

If you consider boarding schools for your kid, it’s crucial to think about the social environment in which they will be placed. The boarding schools in Washington provide you with a place that allows you to train your child.

Washington State maintains its old western values, including the admiration of nature, ingenuity business models, and a clear break from East Coast cultural institutions.

Thus, you should not be surprised to find that there aren’t many school boarding houses in Washington. Washington However, you can always find one to suit your needs.

What is a Boarding School?

A boarding school is distinct from all other forms of the school offered in the United States just because the student lives and attends school in the same location. There is the lowest student-to-teacher ratio in a boarding school, and students are expected to work more than students in a normal school.

There are typically fewer students in many boarding schools than in an extensive public school. Certain boarding schools are divided by gender; however, there are a lot of institutions that allow both men and women are enrolled.

Boarding Schools in Washington

The few boarding schools in existence are top-quality institutions of learning which offer top-quality education and self-development to which they are ideally well-suited.

Washington State is blessed with extraordinary beauty that attracts many different people, from adventure enthusiasts to billionaires who seek solitude.

Washington’s economy is built on traditional industries such as shipping and fishing to advance technology and the economy (think Microsoft and Starbucks). Two boarding schools in Washington reflect these diverse surroundings and cultures.

The Annie Wright Schools are a tradition of traditional episcopal education as well as the Northwest School offers rigorous yet high-quality education.

Washington has many foreigners and American families with the most affluence and status and demands excellent educators and the variety found in Washington. Teachers and students at these two schools are a reflection of these standards.

What do I need to be able to pay for Boarding Schools in Washington?

Many parents appreciate the benefits of sending their children to boarding school, but they are unsure what they can afford to spend money on. The positive side is that many boarding schools offer financial aid and scholarships packages to students throughout Washington state. Washington.

The choice is based on the price of education about the value students get.

What are the reasons I should attend Boarding School?

What gives students at boarding schools an edge over daytime students is the variety of programs, events, and challenges they must confront each day.

Anyone with the money to afford boarding school is likely to want to avail of this amazing opportunity, where education and personal growth are the top priorities.

Furthermore, boarding schools have numerous positive effects on students. Until you have visited one, it is difficult to be aware of the extent of these positive effects.

  • 1. Independence

Boarding students learn to organize their schedules and grow independent rapidly.

They are strict about the time they have been given to do their housework and complete their homework independently. This allows them to grow quickly and adept at dealing with tasks without supervision.

  • Fewer distractions

The curriculum of the Boarding School is designed so that pupils can concentrate more on their academics. In contrast to day school students, they won’t be distracted by televisions, video games, or other distractions.

Alternative activities

Students in the border program are exposed to various extracurricular activities, ranging from games and sports to music. This can help them expand their knowledge, and exercises keep them in shape.

How much do Boarding Schools in Washington cost?

Based on The Boarding School Review, the average boarding school for a child in Washington is $50,875 annually. Other expenses related to a child’s education include nutrition, books, and more.

If you’re looking to send your children to a school that is boarding but don’t want to invest the entire amount, make sure to check with the school to see whether it offers programs for financial aid as well as a payment plan.

Based on the quality of your education and the standard that you provide, the cost of attending boarding school varies.

What is the age at which an Infant Attend School? School?

Based on the opinions of developmental psychologists, the ideal age at which a child can be admitted to boarding schools is between the ages of 12 to 18. It is believed that children can easily be aware of their parents’ goals for them without causing any negative feelings.

The Best Boarding Schools in Washington

Below are the Best school for boarding in Washington to help you explore more. You can also get further details.

1. The Northwest School (Washington)

The Northwest School is a mixed private school catering to high and middle school students aged between 6 and 12 classes. The school located in Seattle has earned a name for academic excellence by providing students with a wide range of curricula.

In 2015 the school enrollment increased up to 700 pupils. This includes over 70 international students from 12 different countries. Northwest School is the only school that offers international boarding. Northwest School is the only school that offers international school boarding in Washington to international participation by providing comparable fees and financial assistance for students from different states and countries.

Northwest School Northwest School offers a robust sporting program that is, in addition to traditional sports, also includes odd sports, like Ultimate Frisbee and Curling.

The classes are slightly less costly (for all-inclusive admission) and can introduce your child to various future business leaders.

  • The Yearly tuition (Boarding Student): $55,830
  • The Yearly Cost of Tuition (Day Students): $39,630
  • Acceptance Rate 48 %
  • Average class number of students: 16 students


2. Annie Wright Schools (Washington)

Annie Wright Schools is located in Tacoma and is a private boarding school within Washington. The school is one of 46 privately run within Pierce County, including these. Annie Wright Schools are an episcopal school that is religious in its orientation.

The academic school year lasts 174 calendar days, and students attend 6 hours of classes. In 2011 100 percent of seniors graduated from four-year colleges and universities.

63.4 Full-time equivalents are employed to instruct the 403 students in the class for PK-12. The ratio of student-teacher of 6.36.

Annie Wright Schools charge competitive tuition for a school that boasts a well-known international bachelorette and an 85% student matriculation rate. It also has an athletic program and various forms of art and music classes. The school is an episcopal institution. However, it is open to students from all religions.

  • The Yearly Cost of Tuition (Boarding Students): $63,270
  • The Yearly Cost of Tuition (Day Student): $29,920
  • Acceptance rate: 58%
  • Class size average: 12 students

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3. Master’s Ranch – West (Washington)

Master’s Ranch: West is a Christian army school with a ranch for males ages 9 to 17 with issues.

Master’s Ranch: West is an organized Christian housing program located on the Snake River in eastern Washington. The school’s program for relationships is designed to meet the requirements of the students and their families that face formidable obstacles and live in difficult conditions.

Most military-style school boarding does not allow students who are not at school, at home or are in an incident with the law, and that’s the primary reason for Master’s Ranch – West (MRW). MRW provides continuous mentoring and a disciplined military-style curriculum to help boys become responsible, loving and responsible young men looking forward to a brighter future.

Master’s Ranch Master’s Ranch West provides an academic program including preparatory and pre-college classes for college.

Students at Master’s Ranch – West can participate in basketball, soccer and baseball. Sports are available to students who have put in the effort during the course and gained the chance to build an excellent academic record.

  • Annual tuition (Boarding Students): $51,270
  • The Yearly Cost of Tuition (Day Students): $29,000
  • Rate of Acceptance: 62%
  • Average class size: 16 students


4. Spring Street International School (Washington)

Spring Street on the San Juan Islands, located in the middle of Friday Harbor, is a multicultural independent day school and school for boarding students that provide students with a stimulating educational environment in a secure, rural setting. Students develop a passion for learning and are prepared for a successful future in college.

Exciting expeditions and experiences help individuals grow. Volunteering in various communities helps to teach empathy, humility, and an appreciation for working alongside other people. Students develop into dedicated and thoughtful citizens of global and local communities.

Spring Street students see their families, communities, and themselves as part of an even more extensive and diverse world. An academically rigorous program that includes five specially chosen APS encourages humanities, science, and arts and sciences championships.

Spring Street education is all about creating relationships that promote determination and mastery.

  • Annual tuition (Boarding Student): $42,600
  • Annual tuition (Day students): $17,400
  • Ratio of Acceptance: 90%
  • Average class size: 14 students


5. Upper Columbia Academy

The Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is a boarding school for 9-12 students located in Spangle, Washington, about 20 miles to the south of Spokane. It is operated by Church. The school is one of the Seventh-day Adventist education systems, the second-largest Christian school system in the world.

The precursor of Upper Columbia Academy was the Yakima Valley Academy. The school was shut down in 1945 due to a lack of facilities and space issues. The walls were held together with steel cables that ran along the walls.

  • Yearly Tuition: $9,847
  • The Acceptance Ratio: 90%
  • Average class size: 25 students


6. St. Michael’s Academy

Saint Michael’s School is an American day boarding school that caters to students starting in kindergarten and twelfth grades. Situated within Spokane, Washington, United States and run through the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen Traditionalist Catholic organization.

Academia de San Miguel is an institution where students and parents must be committed to Catholic education and participate in the processes of Christian formation. The Academia is a vibrant school that handles the never-ending and ever-changing business of learning the Lord, loving and serving God.

  • The students: 150 students
  • Yearly tuition: $4,600
  • Class size average: 12 students

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7. Kennedy Catholic High School

Kennedy Catholic School, formerly named John F. Kennedy Catholic High School, is an exclusive private Catholic high school located in Burien, Washington, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Kennedy Catholic was founded in 1966. It is among the three high schools of the diocese in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle. Kennedy Catholic was initially known as John F. Kennedy Memorial High School; however, it changed its name at the start of 2009/2010. year to reflect its Catholic roots.

  • Student: 852 students
  • Annual Tuition $15,576
  • Average class number of students: 18 students


8. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

The Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart prepares girls to think critically, take on challenges, demonstrate determination, fight inequalities, pursue equality and be leaders in the spirit of pioneering our founders around the world.

Explore, collaborate, develop new techniques and meet new friends. Learn, collaborate, and make new friends at Forest Ridge Summer Experience! The camp for boys and girls between grades 2 and 8 gives students engaging, hands-on experiences to explore new interests and enjoy themselves.

Whether you’re seeking a half-day of crafting or a whole day of research, there’s something for anyone.

  • Annual tuition (Boarding Student): $64,000
  • The Yearly Cost of Tuition (Day Students): $34,900
  • Average class number of students: 12 students


Disadvantages of bordering Schools?

It is an excellent choice if you’re thinking of sending your child to a boarding school. Therefore, it is crucial to think about both the possible disadvantages and the benefits that could be possible for your child.

Keep in mind that a child that attends a boarding institution spends longer there than a child who attends a day school. Thus, it can affect their mental and social development and their progress in school.

#1. Stress

If a child is spending most of their time in school, it can cause high-stress levels in children, and the stress could make children more susceptible to eating disorders, panic attacks or attacks.

#2. A Fewer Free Hours and More Rules

Due to the increased academic and extracurricular activities in school boarding, students may not get as much time to think about their thoughts and interests.

It can result in less time to do things like reading, an occasional job for older children, or any other vital development activities provided to children at home.

#3. Life Outside Home

If your child is enrolled in a boarding institution, it influences her home. It may be challenging for an individual child to become used to staying at home during the holiday. Older children might dispute with their parents over their insularity at home.

During the school year, the semester, you won’t see your child as frequently as if she lived with you. This impacts the relationship you have with your child and other children.


Looking for a decent boarding school with an enabling environment that may help your child become a higher person while learning, Boarding Schools in Washington offers such a chance to you.

So, make the most of these boarding schools in Washington and provide your child with the best training.

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