Boston University Scholarships

Boston University Scholarships is now open for online applications. Grants and scholarships are a benefit of gift, which means you aren’t required to repay them or get the money through working.

Boston University awards these discoveries of merit. The scholarships are made possible by the generous donations of alumni and other supporters of BU as well as my budget, which is governed from the Trustees of Boston University. 

The generosity of generous donors and the dedication of the University to excellence and affordability lie in the way of our scholarship program.

Grants are grants that are awarded by the government that do not have to be returned. Specific requirements are established through the federal government. The majority of them require that you complete the FAFSA. 

The Boston University is one of them. Boston University, private scholarships are offered by other sponsors.

Who is eligible to apply for the Boston University Scholarship?

  • International students can be considered to be eligible for the presidential and trustee Scholarships only.
  • American citizens permanent residents, as well as eligible non-citizens can be considered to be eligible for merit awards and other scholarships.

Benefits of Boston University Scholarships

The recipients who are recipients of Boston University Scholarships are entitled to one or more of the listed benefits:

  • Free accommodation and food
  • Cash fixed-funding, cash award
  • Monthly stipend to fund the stipend
  • Fees for tuition, whether full or partial sponsorships
  • Costs of attending a conference
  • Return air tickets
  • The sponsorship program allows you to purchase literature and to conduct experiments

Categories of Boston University Scholarships

  • Not-based ScholarshipsAwarded for students that meet financial eligibility requirements and have completed each CSS Profile(tm) as well as the FAFSA before the deadline for financial aid applications.
  • Merit-based Scholarships: Awarded solely on the basis of artistic, academic or athletic accomplishments.
  • State GrantsOffered from a number of states’ governments. Certain states permit their grant awards to be utilized at universities and colleges that are not in the state in which you reside.
  • Federal GrantsBased in financial eligibility as determined by information you submit to the FAFSA and other criteria that are set in the U.S. government.

Boston University offers a wide selection of merit scholarships, with some covering the entire tuition cost, in order to honor the most successful students who exceed expectations. Most awards are based on academic achievements, while other are awarded to performers, athletes, and artists. Additionally, merit-based awards do not need you to fill out an application for financial aid, and don’t have to be returned.

1 Presidential Scholarships

First-year students from all over the world who excel academically. Apart from being among our best students They also excel outside of the classroom and become the leaders of their schools and in their communities.

  • Deadline: December 1
  • Annual Value: $25,000
  • International students are eligible to apply.
  • Research proposal to be submitted study plan, LOI motivation letter, SOP

2 Boston University Engineering College Scholarships

To College of Engineering applicants who have been involved in at least one season of an FIRST Robotics Team.

  • Annual Value: $25,000
  • Deadline: February 1
  • Number of Awards: Varies

3 Boston University Trustee Scholarships

The most prestigious BU scholarship scholars are part of a distinct campus community that provides intellectual and cultural opportunities. The most competitive applicants who are among the top performers in their respective fields and show an outstanding commitment to their school and community should be considered for the scholarship.

  • Annual Value: All tuition and fees
  • Number of Awards: 20
  • Deadline: December 1
  • Scholarship essay must be submitted for the Common or Coalition Application
  • Open to international students
  • The CSS Profile is not required (tm) & FAFSA is required

4 National Merit Scholarship

Finalists from the National Merit Competition who designate BU as the top choice college through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation before March 1 will be eligible as finalists for this award.

  • Deadline: March 1
  • Annual Value: Presidential Scholarships
  • In addition, submitting your FAFSA as well as the CSS Profile is recommended

5 College Board National Recognition Scholarship

For students who have been recognized as such by College Board National Recognition Programs with outstanding academic record.

  • Deadline: January 1
  • Annual Value: $25,000
  • FAFSA as well as CSS Profile is highly recommended.

Scholarship Application Process at Boston University:

In order to receive financial aid based on your need from BU you must complete at least your CSS Profile(tm) as well as FAFSA which will determine the “expected family contribution.”

  1. Find all scholarships deadlines that are applicable to you..
  2. Complete your application and submit it to FAFSA.
  3. Create and fill out the CSS Profile.
  4. Upload an CSS Profile Waiver for Funding for the noncustodial parent into MyBU Portal. MyBU Portal if you are unable to obtain a profile from the parent (noncustodial) parent is impossible.
  5. Make sure you check for updates to your MyBU Portal ” Scholarship Application Status” page and email address for more details.
  6. See the results of the final test, good luck!



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