Canada Visa Fee

How do you pay for fees within Canada when you are an international student studying in Canada? A student from outside the country who is willing to learn in Canada must first get an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in Canada.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a study visa if you’ve not already paid for the cost of your tuition. Certain schools in Canada will allow students to pay tuition from within Canada; however, most others require you to pay for the price in the home nation.

If you live in Canada or are currently studying in Canada, there is another payment option for those not from Canada. You can find the fee on the notice of acceptance sent to you by your University once you’ve been accepted.

The letter from the school will indicate the amount you have to pay for payment. For example, you could pay for one semester and the rest in the second semester if you have already arrived located in Canada.

However, it is highly recommended that you produce a minimum semester fee even if it’s was not specified by the school.

It will help increase your chances of being accepted when applying for a study visa. Apply for study visas. In either case, be sure to check whether your school has a policy for returning your application and whether it’s 100% of your visa request is denied due to one or more reasons.

Discover the main reasons why your student visa might be rejected.

Payment Options from outside Canada

WU(r) GlobalPay for Students.

It is among the most rapid payment gateways that cater to students studying living abroad. In addition, the platform is inexpensive and allows users to pay using their country’s currency.

How to Pay When You’re Paid

  • Visit the website and make sure you complete the required information promptly.
  • Select the payment method you prefer and then select what you’d like to buy. You can make payments with Canadian dollars or American dollars if your country’s currency is not available.
  • You can enter your payment details. If you are the one paying or enter the information of the paying person. You can make payments online banking, print your payment information or invoice, and then go through the bank for costs.
  • The bank or western union will transfer these funds into your account for students or the University’s account, based on which account you’ve selected.

Payment Option from within Canada

  • It’s faster to pay online in Canada. Going to the bank can be quite stressful. Why bother when you can pay your charges online, just as you do your bill
  • If you’re an undergraduate, you’ll already have an account at a bank. Every banking institution comes with its application, so sign into your bank account
  • Choose your school as the payee
  • Make use of your student ID number as your account number. Or the account number that is issued from the bank.
  • Pay in the manner you prefer. It could take up to 5 days.

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