Boarding Schools In Washington

When you think of the best Boarding Schools In Washington that will be suitable for the child you have, it’s important to consider the environment where you will find them. 

Washington schools for boarding offer a place where you can educate your child.

Washington State has kept its tradition of western culture alive including respect to the earth, ingenuity business practices, and an unwavering independence of East Coast cultural institutions. 

Like other states, Washington State has fantastic boarding schools.

What Is Boarding Schools?

A Boarding school, in contrast to a day-school is an institution of preparation which provides instruction to students who reside on campus.

The expression “boarding” refers to room and board, which is often referred to as food and housing. Boarding schools have been in existence for millennia, and are now be found across the globe.

Students generally attended school throughout the entire term. Some schools allow students to go home on the weekend, while some accept students on a day of their choosing. 

Some schools are exclusively for boys, while some have both girls and boys.

Additionally the boarding schools also have different conditions that students have to adhere to including dress codes. Some boarding schools have strict dress code guidelines.

Students are also required to attend the study halls and check in with their teachers with whom they reside (dorm parents) each at night.

What Are the Benefits of Attending Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools assist students in adjusting to the culture of Washington by preparing them to studies at the top schools within America.

United States and providing deep school engagement that helps develop academic talents and abilities as well as character and the ability to think critically.

A boarding school experience in Washington is, as you might imagine, offers many benefits for the students and their families for example:

1. Independence

The children who attend school at boarders quickly learn organize their schedules and eventually become independent.

They consistently adhere to the schedule given to them, perform chores at home, and finish their assignments. 

This allows children to grow quickly and be able to cope in any task with no supervision.

2. Fewer distractions

The curriculum for boarding schools is designed to help students concentrate more on their academics. In contrast to day school students who are distracted by televisions, video games, or any other distracting things.

3. Diverse activities

Students who board are involved in numerous extracurricular activities, such as sports, games and music. This helps them learn. Activities that help them stay fit.

How Much Does Boarding Schools in Washington Cost?

The average school for boarding in Washington costs $58,875 annually according to Boarding School Review. However, there are extra expenses like food books, food and other expenses.

If you’d like for your kid to attend boarding schools but do not have a lot of money Always inquire at the school whether they have assistance with financial costs programmes or pay-per-pay plans. The boarding schools in Washington do not come cheap.

Best Boarding Schools in Washington

Here are a few of the top school for boarding in Washington to investigate and find out more about.

1. The Northwest School (Washington)

Northwest School Northwest School is a mixed-age private school that offers classes ranging from 6-12 for high and middle school students. 

Through providing students with a broad program The Seattle school has gained a reputation for outstanding academic achievement.

The school offers a tuition of $55,830 boarding students annually. Students who attend day school pay $39.630 for the academic year. 

Additionally that the school has an acceptance rate of 48.

The current students at the school been increased to 700 students by the year 2015. More than 70 students from overseas from 12 countries are part of them. 

Northwest School Northwest School is the only school in Washington which offers a similar tuition and financial aid for students from other countries and states and states, making it the sole international boarder school in Washington State.

Northwest School Northwest School has a rich sport program that includes regular and uncommon sports like ultimate frisbee, and curling.this is among the most prestigious school for boarding in Washington.

2. Annie Wright Schools

Annie Wright Schools, a private boarding school for children in Washington is situated near Tacoma. Regarding religious affiliation, Annie Wright Schools is an episcopal school.

The school has a tuition of $63,270 for students who are boarding annually. Day students pay $29 920 for the academic year. Additionally to that, the school boasts an acceptance rate of 88.

As you will observe, Annie Wright Schools charges reasonable tuition for a college that has a prestigious international bachelorette program and has a 100 percent graduation rate.

Additionally to that, the school offers an extremely competitive sports program and a wide range of music and art.

As previously mentioned, Annie Wright School is an episcopal institution, however it is open to students of all faiths.

The academic calendar at Annie Wright School has 174 calendar days. Students attend class for 6 hours every day.

The school employs 63 full time teachers and staff members to teach the 403 students from grades from PK-12. This is equivalent to a teacher-to-student proportion of 6.36.

3. Master’s Ranch – West

Master’s Ranch – West is an Christian Ranch and school for military troubled boys aged 9-17.

Master’s Ranch – West is a well-organized Christian housing program located in the eastern region of Washington along the Snake River. 

The curriculum for relationships of the college is tailored toward the demands of the students and their families, who are confronted by difficult situations and living situations.

The school offers a tuition of $51,270 for students who are boarding annually. Students who attend day school pay $29,000 over the academic year. 

Additionally that the school has an acceptance rate of 62.

The majority of military boarding schools do not accept boys who have been disruptive at school, home or are in trouble with the law, but this is exactly the case at Master’s Ranch – West does (MRW).

MRW provides 24/7 mentoring as well as mentoring. organized military-style education to turn boys into loving, responsible respectable young men who are ready to make a difference in the world.

Master’s Ranch Master’s Ranch West offers an academic program which includes college preparatory as well as preparatory classes.

Master’s Ranch – West students are able to play basketball, soccer and baseball. Students who have put in the effort through the program and have earned the opportunity to earn an excellent academic record are able to play the sports.

4. Spring Street International School

Spring Street School, located in the center of Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands It is an international, private board and day school which provides children an engaging academic environment in a secure, rural area.

The school offers a tuition of $42,600 for students who are boarding annually. Day students pay $17.400 for the academic year. 

The school also has a 95 percent acceptance rate.

The students at Spring Street perceive their families as well as their communities and themselves as part of a larger world. The humanities, sciences and champions of the arts are encouraged by an academically rigorous program that includes 5 carefully chosen APs.

Spring Street education is all about building relationships that encourage perseverance and proficiency.

5. Upper Columbia Academy

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) is a private school for students aged 9-12 that is located within Spangle, Washington, about 20 miles to the south of Spokane. The school is part of the Seventh-day Adventist education system, the second-largest Christian schools.

The school charges an annual cost of $9,847 for tuition with an acceptance rate of 62.

6. St. Michael’s Academy

St. Michael’s Academy is an American dayboarding school that is open to students from kindergarten to twelfth grade located within Spokane, Washington, and operated through the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen Traditionalist Catholic organisation.

St. Michael’s Academy has an annual tuition of $4600, with a an acceptance rate of 100%.

The school was established in a manner that both parents and students have to take a vow the school to Catholic education and are a an integral part within the Christian development process. The academy is an energetic institution committed to the ever-changing and ever-lasting task of learning the Lord, loving and serving God.

7. Kennedy Catholic High School

Kennedy Catholic School was formerly called John F. Kennedy Catholic High School is an independent Catholic high school that is located within Burien, Washington, and is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle.

Kennedy Catholic, one of three high schools within Seattle’s Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Seattle was established in 1966. Kennedy Catholic School was originally was known as John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, but the school was renamed to honor its Catholic tradition at the beginning of the 2009/2010 school year.

The school charges an average annual cost of $15.576, and there are at present 852 students in the.

8. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

The Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart will prepare young girls to be able to think critically as they face obstacles, show resilience, face injustice and fight for equality.

The school charges tuition of $64,000 for students who are boarding each year. Students who attend school on a day pay $35,900 one academic calendar year.

Final Thoughts on Boarding Schools In Washington

Boarding Schools in Washington offer an environment that can aid your child in becoming an improved person as they learn.

Take advantage of these school boarding options in Washington and give your children with best education they can get.


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