Is public utilities a good career path

Is public utilities a good career path? Are you looking to know more about the possibilities for this career? Then we have all the information you need! This article will provide all you must be aware of for a career in the public sector, including the pay and benefits available. If this kind of job is appealing to you, you should look into energy as a possible career pathway.

So, let’s get started!

What Are Public Utilities?

Everyone will utilize a public utility each day. It requires various people and organizations to ensure that these utilities are running for everyone to enjoy.

The services considered part of the public utility could include gas, water, telephone, electricity, etc.

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

The answer is yes; working in public utilities can be a lucrative career option that provides employment security, higher than average salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

There are plenty of jobs for skilled merchants in the sector of public utilities. However, there are plenty of other possibilities that can be found, including marketing, administrative, engineering, and many more.

Public Utilities Sector Options

There are plenty of opportunities for vocational training in public utilities. Many jobs require skills such as repairs, maintenance installations, and production of various utilities.

Below are some of the most well-known areas of this industry.

Natural Gas

A lot of homes and businesses are heated by natural gas. However, few people think about the process of getting it there. The natural gas comes from the deposits in the underground and is then moved through pipelines. After that, it goes through a process that involves an organization in the local area that will be able to prepare it before delivering it to their clients.

You might work as a distribution worker, in pipelines, or even in the local government in natural gas.

Electric Power

Imagine a world without the internet! If you didn’t have electrical power, you’d have to be living in the dark ages of yesteryear. Electricity is an essential commodity in the present, and being in the electrical sector of the public utility sector means you’ll be making significant contributions. You don’t just have to work on the side of consumers. However, you can also work in other utility sectors to ensure that electricity is running.

Water Supply

We shouldn’t think about the pure water we use to wash, bathe, and cook. Companies that deal with water assist in treating it so that it complies with specific guidelines and ensures the water supply “flowing” to our homes and businesses.

Sewage Removal

Perhaps one of the filthiest alternatives in the public utility sector is sewage disposal. The people in this industry will be accountable for what happens to the sewage treatment facilities in and around our sewer systems. Every day’s work involves the collection of waste and then applying treatment to it so that it moves without causing any harm to our environment.

Types Of Jobs In Public Utilities – Is public utilities a good career path?

It’s nearly impossible to cover every single job in the utility industry. We are focusing on a few of the most commonly used trade jobs you could think about.

Skilled Trade Careers

They do not need any advanced degrees. However, they may require training or accreditation. Many of them are part of the manufacturing industry, which can be an exciting field for those who like creating and building.

Meter Readers / Utility Markers

Meter readers, also known as utility markers, are employed in the fields. Meter readers visit commercial and residential properties to read the meters of the structures to assess the amount of utility use a place has. Utility markers will travel through the earth and draw lines to indicate the location of underground lines in the future for construction work. If you’re curious about the utility marker route, look at the interview we conducted with Marco, the newly appointed utility marker which is just beginning his new job!


Electricians are required across a wide range of fields of work. Public utilities aren’t any exception. Being an electrician means that you’ll have plenty of possibilities – and in this field, you can get an opening in almost every utility company.

Plumber / Steamfitter

There are plenty of possibilities for plumbers, steamfitters, and other related professionals in the wastewater treatment and sewage industries. Utilizing water or steam is two of the most effective choices. However, there is potential for them in different utilities, too.

Water Treatment Plant Operator

As the water treatment plant’s operator, you are responsible for administering the processes and systems required to ensure that the water is treated correctly to drink.

Other Utility Careers

There are many possibilities to get involved in the world of utilities. If a career in trade isn’t for you, you have alternatives.


If you are a fan of managing and assisting a team, an administrative team member might be the perfect match. Your duties could include bookkeeping, scheduling, filing paperwork, or filling it out. You will ultimately play a key role in maintaining the smooth operation of your office and assist upper management.

Customer Service

If you’re a person lover, then a client service job is an excellent opportunity to please people. You’ll spend your time helping customers solve problems they might be facing with their utility. Making appointments for installations, repairs, or deactivations is integral to your work.


The more complex financial requirements could require more than bookkeepers. As an audit or accountant, you will be analyzing numbers to see if the profits are being generated and if clients are getting the right amount of money.


The most important aspect of these tasks is engineers. As engineers, you aid in developing processes and technologies that will help enhance the services your company manages. From more efficient distribution to improved sanitation, the engineers significantly contribute to the company’s overall success.

Computer Technicians

In the modern world of computers, computer experts are in high demand. Maintaining the system’s performance, improving automation, and creating new computer systems to develop more efficient utility processes are only one of the many jobs you could perform.

Utilities Careers Pros And Cons

Let’s discuss some of the best and bad aspects of jobs primarily for utility.


  • Payroll. The salaries can be highly high for skilled and committed workers.
  • The benefits. Most jobs will offer health benefits like other perks like sick days, holidays, etc.
  • Growing. If you are determined and would like a path to progress and develop, these fields offer fantastic prospects.
  • Security. These jobs offer an opportunity to secure your job for the long run, so you will always have money coming in.


  • Injuries. There is always the possibility of injuries, particularly in electrical.
  • Dirty. Some of the routes, such as sewer treatment, can be very gross.
  • Physical. Most jobs will require physical exertion. Therefore it is essential to be in good physical condition.
  • Environment. Many jobs will have to be outdoors, which is required to work in all kinds of weather.

Utilities Careers Salary Information

The general rule is that the wages for people working within public services are excellent. Of course, this is contingent on the experience level and the type of work you’ll perform. Being an administrative assistant is not likely to pay the same amount as those who deal with sewage.

Let’s take a look at some other salaries.

Electric Power

Being an operator at a power plant could earn you an income of $83,740. The highest-paying states are Washington, California, and New Jersey.

Natural Gas

Gas Plant Operators can make an annual median wage of $77,850. The highest income comes from the chemical manufacturing sector, and the top three states for earning comprise Utah, California, and New Jersey.

Water Treatment

The median annual pay for all positions in the water treatment field is $52,320. Jobs in the wastewater treatment and disposal industry can be more lucrative than other positions. The top three states for pay comprise the District of Columbia, Washington, and Nevada.

So, as you observe, these wages are decent!

Final Thoughts! Is public utilities a good career path?

The public utility sector is typically local or regional. If you’re trying to find a job in this field, it is best to begin near your home. Start with your local electrical service and water service to discover the opportunities they provide. Of course, you could permanently relocate to other areas that may offer more opportunities than the local area.

So, what do you think? Perhaps a job in the public utility sector be a good fit for you?

Have questions? Drop us a line, and we’ll do our best to find an answer!

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