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Are you Looking for University Scholarships? or you have a plans of studying abroad? The tuition and the living expenses associated with the study abroad can be pretty costly.

The idea behind scholarships was to ease the burden and give the financial assistance that many students want. Many universities offer awards, but the biggest issue is finding them.

What is a Scholarship?

The Oxford dictionary defines a scholarship as “a payment made to support a student’s education, awarded based on academic or other achievements.” A scholarship can be defined as the money or assistance given to a student on merit or need for pursuing the course of study.

What are the Differences Between Scholarships and Grants?

Grants and scholarships are like each other; they are both financial or gift aid types, so the students aren’t obliged to pay them back. Appointments are usually based on need and are typically granted to youngsters who can’t afford their education expenses.

However, scholarships tend to be awarded based on academic or athletic skills.

What are the Differences Between Scholarships and Student Loans?

Student loan is distinct from a scholarship. They are the type of financial aid that needs payment and interest most of the time. They have a lot of advantages and disadvantages too. For example, the student loan debt is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in the US by 2020.

Who Can Apply for Scholarship?

Anyone who meets the qualifications is eligible to apply. In addition, there are various kinds of scholarships that target multiple students. Make sure you qualify to apply for the scholarship if the deadline for application is in date and whether the scholarship is available to international students, citizens, or both.

Below are the most typical requirements for applying for scholarships:

  • Form for registration or application
  • A motivational letter or an essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Acceptance letter from an educational institution
  • Evidence of low income or financial statements
  • Achievement of outstanding academic or athletic accomplishment

How to Find University Scholarships

The official websites of your university are the best way to begin your search for an award. However, if you cannot find the scholarship you’re looking for, reach out to an official via chat or email to see whether they can be of assistance.

The Internet is your best friend. You can use the Internet for financial assistance. However, it’s often not simple to find trustworthy information. Only a few websites provide up-to-date information.

Here are some sources which can help you identify the appropriate scholarship program.

  • – It is a database that contains more than 3.5 million grants and scholarships
  • Official EU Scholarship page This is one of the official websites that lists the scholarships available to students in Europe.

Below are the official scholarship pages of the most renowned countries.

How to Apply for Scholarships

Once you have received an international scholarship that you may apply for, be sure that your application documents are prepared. The typical application process goes like this:

  • You can apply for the scholarship by filling in an online application form.
  • Verify that you’ve received a confirmation email.
  • Create or write an essay or personal statement. There are plenty of templates available online; however, make sure your piece is unique. It would help make an impression with your unique ideas and experiences.
  • It is essential to get an official document proving academic, athletic, or artistic accomplishments. Translate your records if needed
  • Get certified proof of your lower income or the nationality of your country (for regional scholarships). A translation may be required.
  • Ensure that all documents are proofread for any errors and then forward them to the scholarship company.
  • Acceptance letters are submitted to your university (or an official letter from the institution confirming that acceptance). The scholarship won’t be awarded without proof that you’ll start your studies.
  • Be patient and watch for the results. If you are selected, congrats.

Types of University Scholarships

They are among the most frequent kinds of scholarships you can apply for as an international student.

  • Awards for outstanding academic performance (also called merit scholarships)
  • Artistic, research scholarship, or athletic accomplishments
  • Student scholarships for those with poor incomes
  • Scholarships for underrepresented groups (e.g., females, Hispanic and African-American students, and citizens of developing countries)
  • International students can apply for scholarships.

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