Scholarships to Study in Europe

Are you a potential international student planning to Study in Europe at the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level? Then, you may be qualified for a grant. Europe is among the most ancient continents. Every nation is distinct and steeped in tradition, and there’s always something exciting and new to learn about regardless of which location you choose to study in.

Suppose you also study for master’s degrees in Europe. In that case, you will likely learn the language of your choice, learn some of the mysteries behind a different and unique culture, and be most exciting to visit the most attractive well-known places.

When it comes to education, several nations in Europe are among the top destinations for international students. They have the majority of the top universities in the world. Students are benefited greatly from an academically supportive and multi-cultural environment, and there are many English-taught courses.

Lists of Scholarships to Study in Europe

Below is a list of scholarships to Study in Europe. You can study in any country you want within Europe.

1. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus scholarship is a program run by the European Commission to provide funding to students from all over the world to pursue their Study in Europe at a select number of institutions.

2. Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship

The cash value is tied to this award. A $2000 prize is offered to students currently enrolled within the UK and in any European Union (EU) country as undergraduates, high school, or graduates. You must submit an essay to be considered for the prize. The award is open to anyone of any nationality.

Scholarship to Study in Austria

  • Austrian government scholarships Monthly scholarships of EUR 1,050 are available for up to 4 months for international students at all levels of study.
  • Grants. at An online database searchable of scholarship opportunities to students studying abroad in Austria.
  • (IDM) Danubius Young Scientist Award in Austria (IDM) Danubius Young Scientist Award in Austria, The Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (IDM), is offering one EUR 1,200 (US$1,350) award to outstanding young scientists (one from each country within the Danube region).
  • OFID financing to International Students in Austria 2020/21 Students from developing countries are offered the chance to apply to the OFID Scholarship 2020/21, funded by the OPEC Fund for International Development.
  • Die Presse funds in the field of MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs – Two half-scholarships (worth EUR 13,300 each) awarding scholarships to international students who wish to pursue an MSc Environment Technology & International Affairs at the Vienna University of Technology, provided through Die Presse.
  • Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen five-month fellowship for International Students in Austria, 2020-21 Five-month fellowships for media and visual artists and art critics and curators and theorists from all over the world, provided through the Kunstlerhaus Buchsenhausen.

Scholarship to Study in Belgium

  • CIU-CUD scholarships in Belgium for countries in the developing world Opportunities to earn funds to pursue studies in Belgium to pursue research or training at the master’s level. Students around the world are can to apply.
  • The VLIR-UOS scholarships for Countries in Development Every year offers scholarships to students from developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to undertake training and research or study in Belgium at specific institutions.
  • Ghent University Top-up Grants Scholarships to students from developing nations who are just beginning their studies for master’s degrees taught in English at the Ghent University in Belgium.
  • KU Leuven Science Scholarships for International Students – The Science@Leuvenscholarship is aimed at international students interested in undertaking study in Belgium at the master’s level within the faculty of science at KU Leuven.
  • KU Leuven IRO Ph.D. Scholarships to Countries in Development Open to Ph.D. students interested in developing countries who wish to take up studies in Belgium in the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation at KU Leuven.

Scholarship to Study in the Czech Republic

  • Czech government scholarships for Countries in the Developing World• Government-sponsored scholarships allow international students to pursue studies (a master’s, bachelor’s, or doctoral degree) at universities across all over the Czech Republic. Czech is the main language of instruction in most programs that are offered.
  • Masaryk University Faculty of Arts – The Department of Czech for Foreigners at Masaryk University awards four three-month scholarships of 8000 CZK per month to international students studying Czech literature, language, and culture.

Scholarship to Study in France

Scholarship to Study in Greece

Scholarship to Study in Hungary

Scholarship to Study in Ireland

Scholarship to Study in Italy

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